Life In Jurassic World: Season One

What do dinosaurs do when we’re not looking? Here’s what I think…

Episode One - Just One More Dollar (Part One)

Tryostronix - Good morning Troodoboa!
Troodoboa - Good morning.
Tryostronix - Have you heard about what happened at the Mortem Rex boss battle?
Troodoboa - Nope, what?
Tryostronix - @Koola888 Actually used me!
Trykosaurus - That’s a first…
Troodoboa and Tryostronix - Good morning Tryko.
Trykosaurus - Some idiot replaced me with Skoona.
Troodoboa - What arena?
Trykosaurus - The forbidden zone.
Tryostronix - AVIARY? Poor soul…
Troodoboa - What’s his team?
Trykosaurus - Indoraptor, Magna, Indom, Skoona, SRG3, SRG1, Coelhaast, and Erlidom.
Tryostronix - I feel bad for him.
Troodoboa - Yeah…


Ovilophosaurus - Here are your eggs!!!
Troodoboa - Are you sure we should trust you?
Ovilophosaurus - What are you talking about.
Trykosaurus - Remember April Fools? You know, with the paintball gun?
Ovilophosaurus - Nope.
Troodoboa - Can I have the eggs now?
Ovilophosaurus - Sure…
Ovilophosaurus - That will be $5.99 please.
Troodoboa - Uhhh, Got no money…
Tryostronix - Here’s $10.
Ovilophosaurus - Ok BYEEEEEEE!!!
Tryostronix - WHERES THE CHANGE!?
Ovilophosaurus - Sorry I’m listening to my boss so BYEEEEEEE!!!


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