Life with JW Alive in a Rural Area vs Major city

I posted about this previously and for a few days it got better then it went back to the old routine but with fewer common dino spawns… which I didn’t believe was possible… Long story short, if you live in a rural area you can’t be competitive in this game regardless of how much time you spend playing the game or going to parks. I’ve been playing this game since early August. This is a breakdown of why I feel that living in a rural area makes me never want to spend money on this game:

I was unemployed so was able to spend a lot of time walking with my dog. His regular daily walks are 4-5 miles in a non-circular route, so roughly 2-3 hrs. I would always have JW up on my phone for at least 5 hrs a day so I could see any dinos that would spawn. Per day, I would see about 2 rare dinos, unless it was on a Thursday. Thursdays up here the rares come out in force and you can usually get 5-6 a day and maybe an epic.

Every other day I would take him to our state park so I could participate in the park events. In order to max out the dinosaurs allowed we would walk for 4-5 hrs each clip. This didn’t allow for me to catch every specific dino that I wanted but it allowed me to reach the max attempts. During our 4-5 hr walks, I would typically see 2-4 rare dinos and every other trip, I would get an epic.

So if I had a great day of catching and walked 12 miles for 6 hours, I would get 10 rares and 2 epics.

I recently got a job and was down in Phili for a day so I decided to log on while I was at lunch. In the space of 1 hr and doing nothing but sitting at the restaurant in my hotel, I caught 11 rares and 1 epic. Common dinos spawned about every 10 minutes. The common spawn time up in my rural area is about 45 min to an hour.

So to compare the two when it comes to dinosaur availability:

Rural area
10 rares and 1 epic - 6 hours of walking - UNUSUALLY lucky day
2 rares a day (also the rare is usually edmont, so… yea…) - 3 hours of walking - Usual day
Common dinos caught - 3 hours of walking - 20
Common dino respawn time - 45 minutes to an hour

Major city - specifically Phili (which is one of the smallest major cities)
10 rares and 1 epic - 1 hour stationary
Common dinos caught - 1 hour stationary - 14
Common dino respawn time - 5-10 minutes

Let’s also compare access to gold. I will go with a median of 125 gold for a regular stop, I believe that is high but this is for the people that are going to complain. This means that in order to hit the cap of 9200 gold, you roughly need to hit 74 stops if each stop gives you 125 gold.

Rural area
2 mile walk - 16 stops - 1 hour including the time to stop to dart dinos

Major city - specifically Phili (which is one of the smallest major cities)
4 blocks (1/4 of a mile) - 7 stops - 10 minutes

So why won’t I pay for this game? Even if I invested 1000 right now, I would be outpaced by someone living in the city, that plays a quarter of the time that I do, in the matter of a month.

At least Pokemon Go had a reward system for those who lived in rural areas but would go out walking…

Don’t get me wrong I like that they have stops everywhere and that it’s not tied to landmarks like Pokemon go but still… If you want this game to appeal to everyone regardless of where they live, you need to balance this major issue.

One last rant… SCREW PURUSSAURUS… He is the most common day and night spawn out here… 3 times out of 5 a dino spawn will be him so everyone crying about migrations, at least you don’t see 7 purus out of every 10 dino spawns.

Somehow this always becomes buried

Could other people in rural areas speak up for the love of god?!?!

Most of what you posted is pretty acurate however you lost me when you brought up pokemon go… the only augumented reality that i consider unplayable where i live… i can go up the street and catch some dinos… if i wanna load up our world i can kill some walkers…if i load up poke go nothing on nearby screen and its a 3 mile walk to the first pokestop…

I use to be in Osaka Japan moving back to Ohio is a huge difference from the city. Walking to the gym in Osaka about 1 mile endless dinosaurs here in Ohio walking 2 miles to the park maybe 1 or 2 dinosaurs. I think more spawn points at a faster rate in none city areas would help close the gap. If it was not for being in Osaka I would question any players with legendarys over 20. My highest dinosaur is 20 and I play none stop my short city life is the only reason I don’t think everyone is cheating. if I was In the city still I am sure I would have level 25 plus and uniques. Sorry for redundancy in my post

I’m rural and was unemployed for a whole year until two days ago. I caught rides with people using tethering and got a pretty darn good amount of DNA in town as out at home it’s pretty sucktascular with roughly a single spawn every hour, hour and a half.

I now work on the farthest edge of town literally adjacent to the highway exiting city limits. I catch TWO dinos at lunch, maybe three if lucky. After work, only one or two as 4:00 pm is a terrible spawn time across all areas I’ve ventured through. The ride home I get about 10 commons (most are dilo g2 or iguanodon, yuck) and maybe 3 rares if we’re being generous and even then usually amargas across the board. I don’t have time on the way into town.

I know a couple people who live in town and work from home. They are both right in the heart of the city. They leave the app on all day and usually net about 20 rares a day with at least some sense variety and 2 to 3 epics. They don’t mention commons but I’d take a rough moderate guess of at least 60 a day.

Once I get more pressing bills taken care of, I’m debating getting a phone plan with data so I don’t have to rely on tethering for all my personal interests when not with access to wifi. I’m a graphic designer now so I believe I can justify it beyond a game. :joy:

That said, the lengths one must consider, when looking at this from a critical stance, to potentially “keep up” due to the disparity of situations, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be genuinely content with Ludia’s current design path.

I consider myself lucky that I don’t do console gaming so my entertainment budget isn’t compromised but I honestly would rather set my computer up again and pay for LoL champion skins strictly (and they are strictly aesthetic!) than just buy hard cash to get coins to make up for all the lost opportunity to be on even footing with fellow JW:A players.

I can understand you but I would only consider one. Sometimes it does not depend on whether the area is rural or not.

I live in a rural area in a town of about 4000 inhabitants and the situation is how you comment. Virtually no rare or epic dinosaurs appear, and in all the town there are only 4 green areas (recently there were only 1) so it would be impossible to capture at weekly events without leaving the town. Anyway, within the same town things can be very different. From the
lounge of the apartment of my brother is acceded to an orange area so he spends the day capturing coins and darts while I live 1 km away from his house I have the closest orange area to 200 meters. To him the dinosaurs appear less than 50 meters away and in mine between 150 and 250, almost never less than 50. Without being VIP I would not even try to make captures from my house.

On the other hand I work in Barcelona, ​​a great city. Here many creatures appear constantly, quite rare … but almost never epic. On average, I get an Epic every 3 or 4 hours of walking (I walk many hours after work to lose weight).

To finish, on weekends I am in an area that I do not know if it would be considered a city or a rural area. It is a small city of 40,000 inhabitants and the possibilities of capture are practically the same as in Barcelona, ​​maybe more.

I feel your pain. I live in a more rural area and I’m actually missing out on an entire spawn zone. There is literally no way for me to be competitive in the arena without a good secondary tank to rely on. I can’t make Tragod or any of the Anky hybrids.

Plus, the spawns here compared to when I go up to the suburbs of Chicago? It’s like night and day.

Once, I went to one of the suburbs for a day and I leveled my Stegod twice, I found like eight Rexes, three Barys, created Tryo, it was just unbelieveable.

I’m so fed up with being stuck with crappy spawns just because of where I live. It’s not fair.

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Yep, I’m rural too, it sucks but that’s life and I have to deal with it. I disagree about people saying that they can’t compete, everyone can compete at whatever level they’re currently at with the dinosaurs they currently have, in fact that’s all anyone can do anway (whether you’ve bought your way up the leaderboard) or have just ground it out loike us humble rural folk. You can still have fun! Just don’t take it too seriously and treat it like the casual game it is. :wink:

Eight Epic in a day? My record in a big city like Barcelona is 2 on the same day. The Baryonix has come to my soul, I think I’ve seen 2 or 3 in four months playing an average of 3 or 4 hours a day! I’m going to ask for my transfer to Chicago :slight_smile:


I live in a rural area as well. And yes, one can compete still…but to a certain point. I’ve got two cities that are each about 45 mins away from me, and going to either, its like night and day what I see and catch there in an hour versus what I’d catch on a typical 2-3 hour hunt near home. Esp considering the only two zone 4’s I have anywhere near me I’ve been able to find for Para don’t have any convenient places to stop to try to capture any sort of decent quantities at a time. Assuming I even see any, which there are days I don’t. It may be a casual game, but when it starts getting frustrating at the lack of being able to find dinosaurs, let alone ones you want/need, it eventually stops being fun.

@Ned @John - Is this something that could possibly be looked into? To put a little more parity between those in cities and those not in/close to cities, without having to spend a lot on gas or incubators?

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This thread is true. No way can I compete where I live with someone in a big city. That has to be balanced. Devs should take care of that ASAP


I completely agree with everyone. Yes you can always be competitive (within your bracket) but you can’t ever hop to be in the top rankings which is where Ludia rewards folks. There was a good suggestion about level matchings for tournaments which I think is a great idea but it doesn’t make this game less frustrating to people who like the strategy of the game because eventually you just hit a wall that you can’t climb out of due solely on your location.

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I’m rural. Got top 50 in season one but spent more cash than most, and certainly depended on lesser dinos (rares like einiasuchus) more than others at the same rank.

Definitely not spending as much in season two and dropped about 50 ranks. Bad zone + rural means you have to overspend just to keep up. If you get lucky, you might be in a good zone with meta defining creatures, but each season rotates the dinos that are ‘strong.’

Definitely possible to be near the top as a rural player but need a good zone (luck) and need to spend. Scents are a rural player’s best friend if you are willing to spend and in a good zone.

I live in a metropolis too of about 800 people surrounded by miles and miles of nothing. Even the Pidgeys and Rattas left town they were so bored. I watched Apatos hedging towards the outskirts and you know they will make a break for it once it gets dark. No one expects to be surrounded by golden epics 24/7 but at least enough to keep you hopeful and excited. Nah, too much to ask for.


anyone else want to voice their opinion?

Until about six days ago, I was living in the city from the moment I got this game, which was when it came out – baring the pre-registration thing. The updates concerning the spawning rates and green boxes for the weekly showcase had made me quite satisfied… But that was until I came up to the mountainous rural areas. I am stuck in my friend’s house, settled next to an orange resource box.

I can’t walk outside because once I turn off my Wi-Fi, I can’t connect to anything else, so any dinosaur outside my 150 meter range just teases me :cry:

And what’s worse, the ones that decide to spawn at me are Diplocalus and Allosaurs - I wouldn’t mind it if I use Diplotator, but I don’t… And I don’t have have the properly leveled Sinoceratops, so any of her hybrids are off the table.

The only other time is when they take me along the car ride towards inside the nearby town, in which I still can’t actually travel around and enjoy collecting whoever spawns there; which is so flipping horrible, because I realized that I am living in Area 3, and when I get inside the town, it becomes Area 4. OMG! Like is there a better combo of Locals to collect from?!

But alas, I have to follow my friend around, and I can’t move around like I would if I was in the city. I just wish that it was possible for more green boxes and spawns to be around the town. It would be so much easier to be stationary…