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Light finger challenge difficulty bug?

A few things suggest there may be a bug in the difficulty of lightfinger challenge

  1. Prior to update 12 I could consistently get through second boss in lightfinger now it is very rare and I sometimes even lose a couple of characters in room 1 (something that never happened before). I typically bow out now in room 3 or 4 but sometimes earlier.

  2. my characters are level 12-13 yet the enemies in rooms 1 sometimes start at level 18 (albeit they are typically just animated armours). These random level 18 rooms don’t appear until room 4 or 5 in mind flayer.

  3. the enemies in other challenges get higher as you progress, yet when you start with level 18 enemies in room 1 you also see level 18 in room 8

  4. I’m 3 dicing mind flayers consistently yet I almost always 1 dice lightfinger now, rarely 2 dice and sometimes zero dice.

Early rooms (1-4) starting at too high difficulty level?


Virtually the same situation for me. I have been one-shotted in room 1 or 2 in Lightfinger a few times now. That had never happened before.

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I just got 3-dice on lightfinger for the first time

Sometimes I get zero dice.

The issue is really that (unlike the other challenges) it’s incredibly variable, some monster combos are ridiculously hard

So bearing in mind that I just managed to scrape out 3-dice on lightfinger, this really shouldn’t be happening:

These guys do huge damage, they started out on first row, one had initiative and wiped my cleric

As there health is so pathetic I killed the lot with wizard lightning before having a moment to get taunt up and next room, boom same thing, one-shot my archer

Other times the first six rooms are totally cruised and it doesn’t start to get difficult until rooms 7,8

Lightfinger is way too variable