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Light Fury event (IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HER)


The light fury event ends in 9 days. The game came out roughly a month ago, which means that everyone is about average in this game. It is way too hard to get the light fury. Either you raise the amount of trust points gained in the tournament or reduce the amount of trust points needed to get her. Only the people who play 5 hours a day could get her or spend hundreds of dollars on this game. I mean level 3 is 3k power it’s way too hard. Look all I’m saying is that either you fix this now or next week you rerelease her with some fix changes PLEASE. Also let us keep our trust points. Thank you very much


I’m more of a jwa player, but seeing this needs an answer.
Games are meant to take your time. To get good at games like this: play them 24/7
Play a game in every freetime you get, and you just might get on the leaderboard.


Ok, so, I’m guessing you didn’t watch the Instagram video where the head of development I think answered a few questions. A) The event will return at some point. B) You will keep the trust points. C) That’s how games are designed. If you can’t spend a lot of time or money (or both), you won’t get the higher quality rewards or not as early.


I also used to play jwa. But you shouldn’t play one game every time in your free time you’ll just get bored do of it


We do get to keep the trust points, but I would still argue that the point of making this a 10-day event should be to allow a fair chance for at least a good number of players to grind and get Light Fury without having to spend hundreds of dollars to level up the rosters and then hundreds to purchase energy and reset challenge.

As a customer who has spent a fair amount of money and time in this game, I’m thoroughly disappointed and would be discouraged to play anything that Ludia develops in the future.



Having to spend some money makes sense, that’s obviously the point of the games, but the amount of money it would take to get the Light Fury is beyond ridiculous. I’m level 21, and have spent some money to get there. I can only do the first set of the light fury rounds before it jumps to 5000’s. After spending the tunes to restart three times in a day I’m still at less than one hundred. To buy enough runes to refill my power points and restart the game often enough to get over 100 points a day would be well into hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I also play every chance I get.

This isn’t just out of the reach of casual players, this is out of the reach of almost everyone. Honestly they are losing money here because I would spend a reasonable amount but I can do the math and I am not willing to spend the multiple hundreds of dollars it would take to get the light fury so now I’m not going to spend anything at all.

It’s really a poor choice to hype up an event and then make it utterly disappointing to the vast majority of even your hardcore players.


On top
Of that ludia expects us to use rerun living minute of our lives to play this game. Hello I have a life you know just because I love httyd and you made a game into that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit in my room all day playing it


What you have to remember is that beta players didn’t get our progress wiped, so it’s still somewhat achievable for those of who were fortunate enough to pick the game up early. The other thing is, you only really have to spend money if you want to get her this first event. It’s already been confirmed that she’ll return, so I’d say that the majority of players won’t be at a significant disadvantage for not getting her this time purely because only a handful of people would be getting her this time.


I’m one of them who already got her lol


My main issue with this event is, that the game isn’t even ready. Loads of content still missing, looks and feels empty. Its like an EarlyAccess, but you have to spend big money to go further.
If it would be a full game, with all the features ready, I wouldnt mind spending some money, bot now it does not really worth


I’ve been stuck on the 3rd challenge for 3 days. I’m starting to feel that it’s impossible for me to get her


You should probably restart the challenge then