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Light fury Event returns


The light fury event will begin in 6 you think ludia made it easier than before ? And do you think it will come back once it’s finished ??

Light fury returns

Its returning? Since when? Sorry I havent been on the game, ive been at school.

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EDIT: AHHHH YES LUDIA TOOK THE BEST ADVICE EVER. Have these two dragons return (Me and Light Fury) and then work on the other dragons!


I am so freaking glad. I wasn’t able to get far with her the first time- only 34 compared to Toothless- over 200. So, I’m glad she’s back. I probably won’t be able to get more than another 200 for her if they do the 2500 to 4000 jump again, since I’m only at 3800 now. But if they keep doing this, it won’t be long before I have her.


The light fury event will begin in 6 days do you think ludia made it easier than before ?


hopefully they increased the amount of trust points u get in one go


@itami and @2fwess they both made it easier and upped the trust points that you get when you go through the battles for getting all event dragons!

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Finally, Ludia took the community’s advice


its only 3 days tho… 4-7th of April


@Toothless1 Did they really!? That’s awesome!! That can make it a little more simpler to get the Lightfury!!


Yeah @Kiri they upped the trust point for my event didn’t they?

I don’t remember the last one being 15.

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@2fwess where did you find this? It seems rather unusual.


You actually have a good chance of beating it, you’re only 200 bp away. I have been testing this and honestly sometimes you do not have to be at the recommended mark to be able to beat the level, you just need to be close to it. (yes it’s a little more difficult but not impossible) I have been able to beat levels before hand that where up to 400 bp away from my current bp so there is a chance you may be able to clear the level. Once the event starts and you get to it, I recommend giving it a shot. Best of luck.


it was all over socail media, 50%20pm

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I just got the game a few days ago and all my dragons are around 214 power. Do I have a hope and a dream of earning the Light fury or do I not have a chance?


It’s almost impossible getting the Light Fury on your very first event, but that’s if you buy a TON of runes and spend them for the event, then just maybe you’ll have a chance.
Although, even as a beginner, it’s not completely impossible to get her, but it will be very hard, so keep leveling your dragons and participate in her future events and earn those 1000 Trust points!!


So the Light Fury event is only gonna last 3 days?! Wow, not that it’s a big deal, but that’s pretty short compared to the last one.


I tend to do these FTP so its unlikely that I’ll have a team strong enough to get her. Any tips for fast leveling though? Also will the event come up again and if so will my progress carry or will I have to start all over again?


Oh yeah, there will be more Light Fury events, this is actually the second one!! Your progress also does carry on, so if you don’t get her on this event, your progress will still be there when the next Light Fury event comes around again!