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Light Fury idea

I have an idea for the Rise of Berk developers. Instead of making the Light Fury completely free like others have asked, you should change it so that instead of having to purchase the Dragon Riders subscription in order to obtain her, you could get her with a sufficient amount of runes or amber. This would be a better solution for players like me who prefer to earn things, but the players who prefer to buy things could just purchase the amount of runes needed to get her, so it would be a fantastic compromise.

I would really appreciate it if you listen to my idea and implement it into the game. This needs to happen, Ludia!


Thanks for the suggestion, BooksAreLikeDragons. :slight_smile:


I second this!

I would love to be able to save up for the Light Fury! I’m currently saving my runes for something good and have yet to find anything that I really want to use them for. (when I do I’m short a little bit)

I really hope this gets considered as it would be so much better. I mean, in SoD you can save up gems and whatnot to get the expansion packs, instead of having to pay for the membership. I think it’d be fair if we got that option too!

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I love this idea! It is a good compromise that benefits everyone! Though in fairness, a light fury is probably going to cost a -lot- of runes.

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And in order to generate an infusion of runes there should be a market where we post items of excess that we’d like to sell. It would give another avenue to getting resources you need.

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It would also be nice to be able to see your inventory.


I mean, you can save up runes for the “unique”, “exclusive” and “premium” dragons, so you should be able to do the same with the Light Fury.

I guess this is a really good compromise!!

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Me to especially because I am not allowed to get the vip pass