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Light Fury only 97 points per turn?

The first five Light Fury quests give 6-7-8-6-10 TPs, respectively. Is this intended?



The fourth node in the Light Fury event only gives 6 trust points. It is supposed to give 9 trust points.

Please fix ASAP.


@Ned @Marcus

I thought you were supposed to get a 100 trust points in a run. It looks like we’re short on 3 now because the one that gave us 9 is now 6.

Hey Vikings, our team has been notified. Once we have more information, we’ll let everyone know.


Like @Ned said, we’ve notified our team! They’re looking into it.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


I hadn’t noticed! I’ve just done a free run and a paid restart so I’m down 6 points - they’ll have to compensate everyone. It can’t be intentional, not if it is lower than the previous node.


Happening with me too, how long till this will be fixed?

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I was wondering about that…

Hey Vikings,

I don’t have an answer from the team yet. I’ll check back in first thing tomorrow.

My apologies!


Any news?

It’s still broken.

yup and I will be short for that TP at the end to lvl my LF to 5*

Down 12 points now!!! They’ll have to send us a gift of TP’s like they did way back with Toothless…

Hey everyone, apologies for the delay. Our team is still actively working on a solution for this.

Hope they will send us as much TP as we “lost” as a gift

I’m back with some good news, thank you for being patient with me :slight_smile:

The issue is now fixed, please make sure you relaunch the game so the latest changes are applied!


@Marcus What about the trust points that we didn’t get?

Does everyone need to open individual support tickets? Or is the development team going to correct all the accounts?

I’m down 12 points; is there a way to get them?

Yes, how do we get back the points we are owed? I’m also owed 12.

Discussing internally, I’ll keep you posted on what’s the decision.