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Light Fury only for Dragon Riders?!


In Rise of Berk, I get the idea of paying money giving you extra benefits, like more search bags and more runes, and Big Buff was one thing that’s kinda frustrating already. But making the Light Fury exclusive to Dragon Riders not only excludes the rest of us from new features but also from a major part of the franchise! I think I speak for everyone when I say we were looking forward to seeing it. But now half of us can’t even play with it unless we pay extra for a game that used to be completely free!

Light fury

I agree. There are enough money-making features…


While I dislike it, at least the extra exploration bag and more runes make sense. But keeping such a story-relevant character WITH more game mechanics is too much. Too much like EA, which I’m pretty sure has been having business issues because of it lately.


As a subscription holder, I 100% agree. With a dragon like the Light Fury this is ridiculous. This is a core part of the new movie. On nearly every poster. One of the first scenes of every trailer. Yet it’s subscription limited in the game. It’s just sad Ludia decides to take a major character and lock it away from 90% of people. Ludia needs money to run. So I would understand if they made it better for subscription holders. Allow it to gather while subscription is active, or it explores x times faster, or some of its dragons can only be searched for with a subscription (but can still be got through regular means). Heck, if you have to, give it subscription only journey or costume. But to completely lock the dragon itself away is just sad.


I didn’t know that they were planning on making the Light Fury exclusive only to the Dragon Riders!? That’s straight up cruel, I mean I do understand the money part, but what I don’t understand is how come they got to completly lock away the dragon? I at least hope they’ll give you the option to buy it with even a mountain of runes so it can still be possible for people who aren’t Dragon Riders to be able to get the Light Fury still, otherwise that would be a problem.


It’s awesome that they added the Light Fury to Rise of Berk but the fact that she’s only available for subscribers is not fair given the fact that she’s a pretty big character in this new movie. I understand the need for money to run this game but I hope one day people who aren’t subscribers get the opportunity to get her.


For sure, but if they do release the Light Fury for people who aren’t Dragon Riders, I really hope they don’t make her too expensive. Like a ridiculous amount of runes, or too much money! If they do unlock her for the other players, it would be pretty awsome if Ludia could have people unlock her, rather then buy her. Like when your trying to unlock a Legendary dragon like Drago’s Bewilderbeast, and you need to do curtain steps to unlock it, it would make sense if they’ll do something like that?


I think that making her like unlocking a legendary dragon would be their best bet cause I would love to have her but not if I have to pay tons of money/runes for her.


Definitely, but if they do something like that, then they’ll just make it super difficult, but I totally agree, it would be better that way instead of making the Light Fury exclusively to Dragon Riders. That way everyone can still work to get her!


Ludia is known for this kind of stuff, and it’s terrible!


Well, it’s not like Ludia is actually bad, their game is fantastic, I do sorta understand why they did it now, but it’s still a huge problem for the players without subscriptions! Yet Httyd 3 has not come out yet, so lets just hope Ludia releases the Light Fury for the people who don’t have a subscription, or at the least make her unlockable just like one of the Legendary dragons! They might even do that after the movie is released!! Yet I do agree, what Ludia did has hurt my feelings and what they did it horrible, I just really hope they don’t do this is Titan Uprising! :cold_sweat:


@Marcus I have never used the forums before but when I found out that the Light Fury is exclusive to dragon riders, I signed up as quick as I can! You’re the first community manager I have seen so I hope that you can do something about this situation. A prominent character such as the Light Fury must not be paid for but instead earned through game progression. Despite this, I have been a fan for almost 2 years and I had no major issues with this game until now. Thank you for listening.


@Kira thank you for reaching out!

We’re always listening and we shared all the Community’s feedback and suggestions concerning the Light Fury with our Developers.


Really ? Light fury is only for exclusive players ? :confused:


@Marcus I also would like to include my voice with the rest. Light Fury should be available to earn, not simply buy…


If you’re looking for money, why would you chase people away with an ultimatum? It doesn’t make any sense why you would hold a big name character hostage for money? If you’re looking for people to subscribe, that’s probably not your best idea.


I am going to add my voice to this outrageous decision. The Light Fury is a main part of the new movie and should be available to all players.

I have been playing this game for years and to limit what I would deem an essential part of the game to people who pay $120 per year is mean spirited. I sometimes purchase things and I have even paid to be a Dragon Rider for a short time but people shouldn’t HAVE to pay $120 to access the Light Fury. Please reconsider this. Thank you.


Only signed up to the forum to add my voice on this issue also. Been playing this for a few years, sometimes I’ll make purchases to help get on in game but I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount per year for a game to be a dragon rider. Fair enough for those who can afford to and fair enough they get extra bags and early access etc but to make such an important character something we can only have if we can “afford” the yearly subscription is down right greedy on the game developers. Lightfury cost no more to add to the game than any other character we can work towards in game! I for one will probably stop playing if this is the case. I like a game I can play and achieve things in time regardless of buying runes or gems with the option of buying extra as and when I want to advance faster. If the gamemakers insist on forcing it’s gamers to make purchases I’m out :expressionless:


@Marcus this isn´t true, Light fury for money ? This is bad idea, but what Legendary ? for explain LAST LEGENDARY DRAGON ? after Shellfire. For a lot of people this will be better solution… and people will try to play more to get it


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