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Light Fury only for Dragon Riders?!


A agree its really annoying and mean that it is only for dragon rider club why did they even have to make the game have in app purchases in the beginning


Some issues with Light Fury:
The notification received when she returns refers to Hiccup & Toothless
In addition, the timers on her search screen display numbers reduced by the effect of Toothless’s outfit (blue alpha costume) but the actual timer is not effected, leading to a misleading number on the overview section age for her searches…


I agree with everyone else! I left reviews and I think this not only uncalled for but also completely inappropriate!!! PERIOD!!! What about people CHILDREN WHO CANT DO THIS? What about all the people who can’t spend 20 bucks a month to get things they don’t want? In Jurassic world they don’t make you pay for Blue the main character! Or the INDORAPTOR, OR INDOMINUS REX! And these are all main characters, this isn’t fair and completely unjust! I’m not going to say anything inappropriate but don’t you make enough money off of all the people just on YouTube who buy packs of cards that are 100 DOLLARS EACH TO GET A DRAGON THEY HOPE THEIR GETTING!!! Please change this otherwise you can count on losing a lot more money and a lot of players


Okay so I went back into the game and was thought that if you bought her you got to keep her and search for premium dragons or something but what I discovered was that for one thing if you ever stop paying for her (or big buff) it will automatically take her away and not let you keep her and for number two all the dragons that you get to search for besides big buff you could already search for anyway most of which I already have! This is unacceptable and wrong please Ludia fix this please !!!


I think many of don’t want buy the light fury with real money .But the game make it just for riders and they turn the light fury be a main charater.I’m very angry of the game and the developers’of this game.


I think I speak for a bunch of others when I say that we don’t want the explorations and that you can make those exclusive for the dragon riders but can we please just have the light fury!? She’s a main character and it isn’t fair! PLEASE JUST GIVE US THE LIGHT FURY AND KEEP YOUR STINCKING EXPLORATIONS JIST GIVE US THE DRAGON!!!


I found that out too after my free trial ended yesterday.


I agree 100%. why have the light fury only for dragon riders? it’s unfair to do so… but instead of runes maybe a chance to receive them for a certain amount of time like once a year for about a week? (there are other light furies in the movies maybe they can let us atleast “create” a light fury of our own and maybe have more than one)


I’m so sorry, personally I didn’t learn through experience but learned through reading and research (I know who researches a game right?:joy:), but it is still probably one of the most unfair things I have ever heard. And I’m hoping if we can get enough people to say it isn’t fair than maybe they’ll change it. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. But I am so sooo sorry that you had to learn that way


I agree that actually sounds pretty awesome


Fortunately, one of the forum mods here has already said he’ll try to get the issue to the game developers. Let’s just hope they’ll take it seriously when they see it.


Having had Toothless close to level 134 for quite a while, and no incentive to get there, and also running out of challenges, though I still have two titan dragons to unlock, would @Marcus consider my idea to replace Toothless searches from level 134 with Light fury searches, and continuing the game mechanics that way? Where you can’t get Light fury until Toothless is Level 134?

I do agree with others that Light fury is an integral part of the game, as is Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug, Barf and Belch and Grump.

Also, just a thought, but if the intent is a finitely playable game (keeping in mind I’ve been playing for about 4 years), maybe the light fury can search for spots on islands or in caves to release dragons to - the higher the level, the easier it is to find a hidden spot?

Thanks for a great game too, I really enjoy it!


Yes!!! Thank you for the info and I hope they do to. I hope if we get enough people involved in this than they will change it and soon!!!


I Think it 'd be really nice, if the Lightfury is for 5000-6000 Runes and you can get her after reaching Meade Hall Lv. 14 or earlier.

Another idee is that only Dragon Riders can get the special dragons and the FreeToPlay Players can get Rewards like raw amber or fish


Okay, i never used forums before but also wanted to add my voice against this BS.
Light fury is such an elemental Character to HTTYD … I started to play this game for a few weeks again, after a years long break, only because the movie and the light fury brought me into the mood.
I was willed in the past to pay a little for a dragon i really liked, but this is absolutely BS. Even when you subscribe for 3 months, you lose her after the sub will end. No matter how many materials and runes and time you put into her.

I think about quitting the game again.
No matter the love for HTTYD.

This is unfair


It sucks. I just became a dragon rider to get her and now to find out she becomes locked again after the sub ends is just wrong. Like the least you can do is let us keep her :confused: she shouldn’t be locked away too considering she’s such a huge character. #FreeTheLightFury


Yes! #FreeTheLightFury!
How do we make hashtags official?


I’m in #freethelightfury(for free)


I’m with everybody else when they say that we want the light fury not behind a paywall, ludia plz do something about this. Having to pay close to $100 dollars a year dosen’t to make sense. And if you do read this plz do the needful just lower the price just take the light fury out and turn it into a legendary dragon.


5000-6000 RUNES!!!?? No thankyou!