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Light Fury suggestion

Considering LF uselfuness actually is only exploration and Defend Berk, and the exploration is only for eggs, what about the possibility of get collection items too? With the amount of collections available, is interesting to have a extra help to get the items especially if Toothless is occupied with special explorations/collections (and is an extra incentive to purchase extra bags if you can get collection items too).

No, please don’t. I’d much rather have Toothless just get items. I don’t need my chances of getting a special egg lessened by just getting a collection item instead.

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I would like it to be like that as well, but as I know Light Fury does not have a rider, so who should she explore with? I simply do not see a point in this action with sending her alone to exploration) It would be a dream until there is no rider with her. I am not that knowledgable with dragons universe and if indeed she has a rider in that case I am sorry;)

She already explores, is how she gets the eggs, like Toothless do, but only eggs, not collection items

Hmm, gotcha, but anyway it is strange -_-

i like the idea