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Lightfinger Estate Challenge Rewards Breakdown

Below is the image of the first loadout for my D20 rewards for the Estate as Challenge mode. 13 and 14 are odd, but its also nice to have four Epics per chance too! (And my ring i need from common!)

Also, I did a run and received a vip reward of 1750 gems.

oddly this dungeon has a smaller gem reward (81) than my heartcoil (105) @Jon

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Rolling a nat20 is kinda epic here~~

@Jon Hey I just realized that rolling a 19 only provides 3 of an epic, whereas , rolling say a 6 provides x5 of an epic. Can we get a fix for that or is it intended?

I have confirmed with our Dev team this is as intended.

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Weird! Ok thanks and good day :slight_smile: Sorry for all the pings~~

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Don’t worry, here to help! :slight_smile:

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