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Lightfinger Estates Helpful Video Tutorials

Hey folks! With todays Moment of Glory - I thought it may be useful for some to have a guide to the boss fight, and some of the rooms leading up to it! First some feedback -

For Ludia - 2 hrs is not enough time to do 25 runs of Lightfinger Estates, even running just the first boss. I played 2hrs straight, and only completed 14 runs, clearing first boss only.

Ok so for the tutorials, I actually made u guys and gals some videos! No audio tho:

That link above, is to just the first boss room, with a STACKING strategy - which reqires Tommus with Epic Movement Legs equipped.


Here in the second video, I show an alternate strategy which fights the demon spawns, which is what most newer people will likely encounter:


Now keep in mind a few things:

When fighting the boss, the blue circles give him a DEFENSE UP buff,
and the Orange circles give him an OFFENSE up buff.

If u are fighting him from row 2 (demon strategy) attack buff doesnt matter, only defense buff has to go. BUT if youre running a tank in front row, get rid of that offense buff. They disapepar by walking on them.

Bringing a Bard with Dominate will make the first two rooms much easier. Cleric of course is a must. However:

Randomly the Rakshasa WILL appear when u defeat an enemy. Make sure u do NOT get a no healing debuff on your tank prior to going into the boss room. That wont be fun.

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Wow, very nice job with both your strategy and the videos. Thank you

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NP :slight_smile:

Another thing I noted in my encounters with the bosses, shortly after all three of the circles have been extinguished, the boss will spend a turn regenerating 3 new circles. I found this beneficial when I needed to cast group regenerate with my Cleric.

Wait so those weren’t landmines? I intentionally avoided them.


@Horke Correct. Thats same thing I did first time too

I finally just realized this, I thought if I touched them they would give him the buff. No wonder he was so tough.

Newer people probably won’t be able to take any hits from the spawn and Will need all 4 to hit to kill one.

So Another method is to bounce lightning off a spawn with wizard to constantly damage demon, then whap spawn with the other 3 to kill it. Shields down on demon and big hits when he generates the offence buffs.

Use dwarf to remove defensive buff with 2 moves and wizard for other, dwarf ability block if spawn gets counterattack

Slow drip method

It’s also good to have this video because it’s clear from this dated October that they increased lightfinger difficulty - the level of monsters in non-boss rooms went up substantially

True! The differences are quite interesting, but also keep in mind, exp levels and renown have increased since, but still awesome, we should do this more to docment changes