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Lightfinger - tommus bug

Against lighhtfinger when tommus does his counter attack his proc for epic sword and shield go off 0% of the time.

Only time on the game it doesn’t seem to work.

Hey Ned (support). Any idea on this bug? Are the devs aware of it?

Hey Cptmak, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key along with the date and time of when this happened so our team can better track this?


This happens 100% of the time against lightfinger boss. When tommus counterattacks his proc never ever goes off on his epic sword and shield.

I know I have read others mention this, so it definitely is not exclusive to me.

I can confirm I wrote it here saw it from somewhere too epic weapon gives nothing on counter attack on that specific boss.

I also hate that you are kind of forced to use tommus for that boss just so you can reach front row on time. (Extra movement).

This one too @Ned

Is this being fixed?

It is one of the things being worked on. @Cptmak

Cptmak when you first posted this I didnt have lightfinger unlocked. Then I did unlock it, and wasnt experiencing this bug. BUT THEN I upgraded the epic sword and shield to level 7, and now the AC boost is never occurring when counterattacking the boss.

I’ve tested, and this bug is still present in update 13.

Hey @Ned

Any update on this bug being fixed that was missed in the last update?

Hey Cptmak, it is still one of the things our team is looking into at the moment.

Lol 13 days between the 2 messages and same reply :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s all the information I really have right now. :sweat: But our team is working on it.

No worries @Ned and thank you, we knwo it’s not your fault, thanks for being always supportive and positive.


@Ned it’s been over a month now. Any update on this please?

Not only Tommus, but also Raika’s epic spear.
I think this is counter-attack issue against LFE boss.

Any response coming @Ned

Also Tommus Rare Axe doesn’t proc with counter attack

Hey Cptmak, I apologize for the delay in response! I know this might sound repetitive, but I’ve checked with our team, and they have assured me that they are actively looking into this.

Once more information is available, I’ll try and provide an update asap.

Just been like 3 months, as a player I hate being made to feel like the bad guy asking all the time. Just seems crazy that after 3 months there isn’t at least a proper update to the player base about when bugs like this will be fixed.