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LightFury Battle 7

Is it me or is the lightfury event battle 7 overpowered? It says the power level is 4000. I have run it twice tonight with my 5500 crew and got wiped on the first mob both times. Paid the 100 runes to continue and had the second mob fight a lot easier, more what I would expect a 4000 mob to be.

I can defeat battle 8 far easier than battle 7.

Either that level needs to be tweaked on power reqs or the dragons need to be switched up a bit. There should be no way for a team 1500 above the mobs to be wiped out so easily.

Game is not only about BP, strong/weak color and abilities matter.

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Yes, I know. Even swapping out to strong colors and making sure things like the abilities were countered as much as possible, it is still extraordinarily difficult to beat that particular battle.

Perhaps you should tell us exactly what you tried using, how far they’re trained… And what was on the level on each wave?

Could help you with some advice on how to pass it next time