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Lightfury bug & overall suggestions

When using the guest lightfury, when my snafflefang uses its skill to heal 33% across 7 turns I noticed that the lightfury dodged the heal effect… Not sure if this was intended but it was a real face palm moment.

Also, among many others in the forum my clan alpha fight ends with only 4-5 participants due to the alpha being defeated too quickly. Please make tougher alphas. A better guide on how alpha fight rewards work would be nice too.

Another post suggested that positions 1-10 receive a fixed reward upon defeating an alpha. Example, 1st = 150 keys, 2nd = 125 keys etc.
I was wondering if these rewards scale with the alpha difficulty? That would create better incentives to join a stronger guild. Also, if rewards are capped at top 10 positions you may as well limit the clans into 10 members max.

With all that said, praise is due where it is deserved. Good job adding new content such as guest dragons and species specific events. This will create demand for all types of dragons, a new goal for all players to have a varied roster.
Increased friendship points per quest for the toothless event is a nice addition too. (For those complaining it still isn’t enough, use refresh because the game is funded by money and not by well wishes)

The new economy is also improved with more rewards for fish and gold per quest (non-story quests). Still having an abundance of gold though, maybe we can find more uses for it?

Anyone who attacks the alpha is guaranteed to get at least 5 keys. We were 13 in my clan who were able to attack the alpha at the same time before it got knocked out and all of us received bonus keys for our damage ranking. So no, it’s not just top 10 that get rewards from fighting it. :slight_smile:

Maybe they could calculate the clans over all battle power and adjust the alphas difficulty level accordingly