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Lightfurys ability bugged (NOT visuals)

I‘m sure this issue existed before the update but it‘s really annoying me right now:
When Lightfury fires her 5 random hits, why does she keep on targeting a dragon for her second / third / … hit that she already took down with her first? I‘m missing a lot of damage on my still-living enemies because she continues to try to damage enemies that she‘s already taken down.
Right now I‘m only using her ability if every enemy dragon has enough health left so that all of the hits are actually causing damage and no dragon could be taken down within the first three ones or so.


So I made a video and caught a picture of this (I could show the whole video if somebody doubts it), I‘m counting four hits, the other one is missing because Lightfury still attacks the already downed target.

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Ive noticed this ss well


Willing to wager that the random targets are calculated all at once and allocated based on what exists when the ability is activated rather than in real time for each one.

So if you have dragons A,B,C and you activate LightFury’s ability, the computer allocates the damage something like this

1 -B

If the first shot eliminates dragon B, it will still be the target for shot 4.

Based on experience, there are probably some additional factors in there that allocates the targets like even distribution or a targeted dragon, but it all still gets calculated before the damage itself is delt.

Theoretically, it could be recoded for the logic to recalc after each hit, but it would introduce a lot of complexity and may create some performance degradation. So, probably not a bug, exactly, but definitely not optimal from a gameplay perspective. If they change it, it probably won’t be for a while. I imagine that code would take a while to refactor.

Yes, I thought the same, but it should be not this hard to do a little „if“-condition and just check if the HP of the target are more than the combined damage (with shield etc) of the hits IF it is hit more than one time and of course only if there is more than one enemy still alive. Or they have to change the description to „Random foes getting hit 5 times if still existing, may be only 3 or 4 hits“ because otherwise I would have focused on Stormfly, not Lightfury. If one can‘t properly implement such an ability, just don‘t use it, because in this case the dragon‘s ability simply not does what it is described as because of precalculating. And that is a bug for me. Bug is everything that is not working as intended / described.
I had turns with enemies that are quite weak and 2/3 were almost down. LF hit one, took it down, hit the second, took it down, hit the second again, hit the first again, hit the second again. Congrats, the wave should be completely down now, but one enemy is still living with good health. It‘s not too bad in this case because enemies were weak anyway, but with my on-the-edge-fights I often can‘t take LF with me (and she is my only decent stand-alone-blue) because I‘m missing the damage I‘m needing to win, and must instead gamble with double stacking two colors. Not cool. I put resources into LF to avoid this situation.
I‘m not asking for an instant fix, I only want to hear if they even care and work on a fix (either calculate correctly or just change the ability - but should be same with Hookfang). Because if not, I‘d rather get Stormfly, get her up and stop working on LF although I really like her and find the described ability very useful.


So it took me some time, but I finally caught a picture of what is happening to me a lot with LF. I‘m sorry, but I‘m not willing to lose 2/5 hits due to precalculation regulary …
Please notice: 2/3 foes are still alive, it‘s not like LF took down two of them with one hit and kept targeting two deads for one time each, she took down one enemy with one hit that she is still targeting twice afterwards …