Like Christmas again :)


is it wrong to feel excited about this? I’m actually well chuffed to finally get it, on another note, I’m now gutted as it means I have to take out one of the team, I shouldn’t be getting this attached to dinosaurs lol…


I’m just waiting to get some more raptor DNA for 3 more attempts. But the last 3 have just been 10 dna each time … I cried a little inside.


I’m with ya. I’m halfway there and I can’t wait!


I nearly shed a tear this morning, just caught my 2nd Trex of today, this morning it left me 10DNA short and thought it would be ages till I saw another lol they look well cool when your playing in the arena against them


Let me jump on that and say congratulations! And … wow! That’s a lotta raptor DNA!


ive been quite lucky with incubator Dna for these but still a grind, cheers :slight_smile:


I have got a lvl 19 velociraptor and I’m 4242 out of 7500 to get to lvl 20