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Like if you agree boosts have ruined the game

I think that boosts have ruined the game and so do almost all the players that I ask. If you agree that boosts have ruined the game, please like this post. Let’s show them how we feel about this important issue which I believe will determine whether JWA survives long term or not. I’m sorry this post is so long, but I do hope and believe it’s worth your time to read it.

In any normal game, the pieces are set and so based on those set pieces, you can formulate a consistent strategy for how to play them. With boosts, it means that all the pieces (even of the same kind) are different all the time and so you are forced to try to formulate a plan in less than ten seconds while battling which is impossible to do well.

For instance, in Magic the Gathering, a named card’s stats and abilities are always the same. This means that you can form a reliable method of playing, and when an opponent plays their card, you can recognize it by its name and instantly know what the stats and abilities are without having to look at or study the card. This allows players to form complex strategies based on reliable information.

In JWA, even pieces of the same name are now almost always different. Thor can have all different values for health, attack, and speed whereas before, I knew what health, attack and speed a Thor at a particular level would have. When an opponent plays their Thor, I have to try to look at their Thor and determine what boosts and how many boosts they have put into each of those values and then try to determine what attack i should use, which creature I should play, or whether to switch creatures in less than 10 seconds. It’s like trying to play chess where you never know what abilities your opponents pieces have from match to match. One match their Queen can only move 4 spaces in any direction and another match they can move unlimited spaces in any direction. It does not allow for the development of strategy.

In addition to issues created by the pieces not being the same, people can now just spend a lot of real life money to purchase in game Hard Cash (HC) to buy tons and tons of boosts. Even IF matchmaking were working well this is still completely unfair pay to win to the extreme, but matchmaking is NOT working well at all and leads to nightmare matchups. Even if boosts couldn’t be bought and were only awarded through battle incubators, I would not like them for the reasons I listed above, but the fact that they can be bought 2-3 times a week made the death of the game almost instant.

Then to make matters worse, when I’m trying to get my Arena Incubator slots filled, I’m constantly slaughtered until I’ve lost enough, and then I will finally get at least a few matchups where I’m not instantly beat to a pulp before I’m slaughtered again. I rarely make it past the 30 second countdown to get the option to Fight AI, then when I do and breathe a sigh of relief, there is some problem with it. Sometimes the button to play AI doesn’t appear, or if it does appear, I press the button and nothing happens! Other times, I press the Fight AI button, and it goes into the game, but only the creatures appear, nothing else at all is on the screen and even if I reload the game, it loads right back into the ongoing match that has nothing on the screen except the creatures and no abilities or any way to actually engage in the match. This is on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so this is not due to my phone being old or slow.

Some people have put ALL of their boosts on only a few creatures and then those creatures are unbeatable against a well rounded team. That means no strategy, no fun and the same creatures are always used. Boring and unfair. I can’t even reliably one hit a golden rat with my Level 30 T7 Attack Thor or my Level 26 T6 Attack Erlidominus. If you can’t one hit them, they can just regen 1st turn and switch right away.

I stopped spending any money at all on the game since boosts came out. I spent the hard cash I had at the time and don’t intend to buy anything at all anymore.

I guess the more than 25 million they made in the first 4 months of the game’s release in 2018 before the time of boosts was not enough for them. Isn’t it EVER enough? The only way they will change things is if people stop buying the boosts, so if you don’t like boosts, then don’t buy them!


This publication deserves a UP, LUDIA scammers, will not receive VIP and boost


Remove all crap boosts from game and we all be happy like we never had before


I HATE boosters. I lost count of how many battles I lost, but between yesterday and today I went from ~2600 trophies to ~2200, all because of confronting teams with highly boosted dinosaurs. Battling in this game used to be fun and fair, but now it just gets frustrating every time that I know from the beginning I have no chance of winning with unboosted dinos, even when some are level 20 faced to boosted level 15s. Besides, the strategy with which you carefully planned your team is completely lost, when you used to try and prepare your team for any attack with a balance of fast, tank, and special abilities dinosaurs; it is now ruined and reduced to boost whichever dino you have to the max of your possibilities. If you don’t want to completely get rid of them because they’re good business and you don’t want the hassle of having to reimburse people,
:point_right:t3:Can’t you make arenas exclusive for players with unboosted teams?
:point_right:t3:Can’t you put a top on the amount of boosts you can give to a single dinosaur?
:point_right:t3:Can’t you make it so that the “neutralize” move also gets rid of the boosted abilities?
:point_right:t3:Can’t you change the pairing in the arenas so that matching is based on the total power of your dinosaurs instead of their level or the number of trophies?
:point_right:t3:Can’t you make boosts “expirable” (once you activate them there are a max number of battles/max amount of time you can use them for) or “resettable” (after some time you lose your boosters as with the trophies)?
Here, I gave you a number of solution to improve the battling experience. I’m sure you can come up with a dozen more if you wanted to. Honestly I still enjoy the rest of the game (collecting dinos and leveling them up) but sadly battling is usually mandatory for completing daily missions (another idea! Can’t you make battles less important for achieving daily missions, as you got rid of the friendly challenge one?).

Could you please PLEASE listen to the thousands of people complaining about boosts and fix that problem?


Hello, I just returned to the game after leaving when he started the mechanics of statistical increases, it was really that the game was already a bad joke and a slap in the face of the players who play without putting money into the game. I went back to the game and remembered why I deleted it. Before I enjoyed the player against the player more. My opinion is that for the game I regained that feeling having a good strategy. My opinion is that the arena is divided into players who want to use statistical increases and players who want to play without increases with the trophy theme would be the same or also separate into two leagues.


I totally agree that boosts have hindered and broken the game. I remember when arena used to be so fun. Now it is just an afterthought


Only read the title not the post. But I hate Boost. Staying unboosted.


Looks like you better get lvl 30 Thor to tier 10 all maxxed boosts if you want hope to kill a rat.


Tier 10 Thora will struggle to kill a tier 8 DracoRat if I remember the damage-health differential. So the amount of wasted boost trying to do that will make Ludia happy but the user very angry.

Boosts i feel have been poured in too fast that Ludia is making money but yet isnt getting the long term engagement.

I find boosts useful but the speed at which Ludia sells them actually makes them less money long term not just in terms of lost players but also from budget players. Some players will not spend so much a month but spread the same number of boosts over a month instead of a week, you get more sales.

The top tier players will soon see no reason to buy boosts since it doesnt really make a difference.

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In my opinion, Ludia’s biggest error was MM not boosts. With this MM, non-boosted players will be constantly matchmade with boosted opponents in the illusion of fairness. The frustration is always losing to the same few opponents.

With the original MM aka trophies based, most players would be facing boosted players who are of their level of skill/power. It ofcourse is open to dropping but that already happens due to high trophy players being matched with low trophy players due to lvl/boost/mathematical team power equivalence.

The current top 500 player experience is different from the average player due to 2 things. Trophy based matchmaking and AI.

Ludia has 2 choices: remove boosts or make matchmaking just trophy based and let nature take its course. The latter is easier and short term better. The former can be profitable by creating HC that expires in 28 days.

Refund HC from boosts and make all the HC have an expiry date. So players cannot hold the HC for months. Yes its evil but it gives Ludia an incentive to remove boosts. Say 28 days you have to spend 50k HC. How would you spend it? Now Ludia can put all the good stuff out like scents, Multi-fuse, incubators, etc… Have deals for all to absorb all the HC. In 1 month the game reverts to normal. Whales still buying HC, budget players still buying deals. So now boosts are gone, Ludia gets its real money and everyone got to feel rich.


Unfortunately Ludia has already created a ‘monster’ that cannot be contained.

Removing it from the game will have ramifications for everyone, not just Ludia.

I definitely miss the old days of pre-boosts. Despite enjoying the game for more than a year, I am already preparing myself for the day when I do not have enough hardcash and eventually drop out of the arms race.


It can contain it. It will not want to. Its making too much money.

Seems people are buying HC purely to buy boosts and if they are refunded HC, they will be very unhappy.

Dunno if you agree.


Based on what I saw from FB. You can forget about removing boosts from JWA. People would rather have boosts than HC. So stop dreaming and pay up.

Haven’t got a problem with boosts but maybe if they took them into account when match making instead of just the player level or trophy count, so players who have boosted there teams to the eyeballs will more often be put up against players that have done the same I think if that’s possible I personally enjoy competitive battles win or lose also don’t mind if they are a little higher more of an achievement if you win but I have seen on screenshots on here some ridiculous lopsided matchups

There match making algorithm is already attempting to include how many boost each team has. And its horrendous it doesn’t work well, it includes the rarity of the teams. A team full of lvl 23-25 uniques is likely to battle a team of lvl 28+ because they have a boosted rat. Which has less rarity than a unique.

They just need to do trophies so players can actually hit progression walls again. And if match making can’t find someone near you it can expand… However, when it expands the trophy gain/loss needs to change. Shouldn’t lose 30 trophies for battling teams 4 levels higher with same amount of boosts.

Also, there isn’t that many players left to do that… It sounds like an idea but I think too many issues are in it.

I agree with how they have been distributed. They feel a bit forced/rushed.

I was joking about lvl 30 thor all maxxed boost… if a lvl 30 Thor all maxxed boosts can’t reliably kill a tier 8 boosted rat geez… That makes no sense to have to rely on crits to beat the rat… oh wait!? I get it. The rat will help encourage crit and armor boosts. Can’t wait :smile:


If Armor is brought in, DracoRat is gone.

Crit boost itself will make Thora a greater menace and make Draco more annoying.

Both together will make Thora the new DracoRat aka the one everyone hates because they cannot beat it.

Well can’t they just find some kind of balance…lol

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Boosts changed the dynamic in ways Ludia.couldnt imagine.

The best solution is not bring in new boosts and let boosts just slowly become less effective.

Armor boost might give Draco back SIDSR so that would be inconvenient. Armor boost also negates all speedsters except Magna and maybe Quetzarion. Its too much of a meta change.

Crit boost itself wouldnt as bad as its just a damage boost with a chance not not occur. Thora with 80% crit chance and Draco with 45% crit chance would be scary.


This is the reason why I stopped playing the game totally. Haven’t played since May and most probably won’t even start anymore.