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Like if you hate notifcations that won't go away!

It used to be that it was only the red Mail icon notification that wouldn’t ever go away which was extremely annoying all by itself.It should only be red once in a 24 hour period to remind a player about the ongoing Tapjoy or whatever, not constantly red. I’ve almost missed a reward before because the red icon is always there, so I have no way to know when there is something there I need to get.

Now, in addition to the long time annoying red Mail icon, three more have joined the incessant bothering of my psyche!

The Orange Special Offer notification covers the Market Icon and blocks me from being able to see how long until my Free Incubator is ready and it only goes away for a very short time before it comes right back.

The red Shared Sanctuary Notification that alerts to Sanctuaries that might be expiring also won’t go away. It doesn’t ever go away when you check it, even if you put a creature in any sanctuary that might be expiring. This then causes the red number one notification to appear on the Social Tab, so I guess that means there are now 4 notification that won’t go away.

Other than the fact that all of this is extremely annoying, what’s the point in a notification if it’s there all the time? Then we just are accustomed to it being there at all times, so it doesn’t actually tell us if there is something we need to look at.

Please fix this @Ludia_Developers @Ned, it really is a constant bother and like I said it then also fails to do its job of actually notifying us of things that need our attention.


I get the same issues and its rather frustrating.

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I hate the tapjoy or Facebook one on the mailbox it’s so annoying.

I also hate the red numbers on the sanctuary screen. What’s it even for? A new sanctuary created? An expiring sanctuary? Your dino expiring?


It’s the Tapjoy one that frustrates me. I really, REALLY hate seeing that there.

I’ve nearly missed some actual rewards in the past because I’ve assumed that it’s just them pestering me with the offer they always have on.


EXACTLY!! I’ve actually thought about making this post for a long time because that RED notification constantly there was bothering me so much and that same exact thing happened to me before as well where I almost missed a reward.

Now that there are THREE more notifications that won’t go away, I am literally constantly pestered and annoyed while in game. It’s like one of the those gnats that keeps dive bombing you and you can’t ever get it to go away. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey Phil, if it’s for the Shared Sanctuaries screen, it could mean that a new Sanctuary was shared within the Alliance.

Last week I had this pop up every single minute, I could not get the red dot to go away for 2 days. Then it went back to normal.

Tapjoy is most galling, because iOS, but ugh that sanctuary one is maddening too. Conveys exactly zero useful information. There is nothing I can do about new or expiring sanctuaries 99.9999 percent of the time, because all four of mine are out already. When I do have a critter come back, the big red dot on my critter icon will let me know just fine.

Yeah that’s what I was wondering. It could mean so many things within that screen and we’ve never been informed. Thanks for the reply.

Could you pass a suggestion along that all in game notifications have the option to be turned off?


I’ll be happy to. :slight_smile:


@Ned We do need the notifications, but they need to go away once we check them. They are not doing that since the update and I checked and the Sanctuary notifications are happening even when there is no activity to notify about so it must not be logging that it’s checked correctly. The Mail red notification never has gone away and it needs to only be activated like once every 24 hours to remind people. The Special Offer notification is so annoying, it won’t go away but for a few seconds and I am missing getting my Free Incubator because of it and it’s annoying. Please pass this information to the devs, I know we all would really appreciate it!


Ned: we really do need something other than that really annoying tapjoy icon being there 24/7 like someone mentioned above they miss out on some rewards because they dont know whether the icon means they have a reward to be collected or its yet another dumb offer being shoved at us by tapjoy to sell us some of their basically useless junk once more !
Can we get the icon changed at all? perhaps a small treasure chest or something similar perhaps which would indicate to all players they have a reward(s) that need collecting from there?
Also the ORANGE icon that constantly sits above the in game shop icon is something that is not needed 24/7 as well let it appear as soon as the person logs in for the first time each day then disappear that way we have the timer clock re - appear instead letting us all know we have xxxx amount of time before the * free incubator * or any information about new incubators, LUDIA game offers etc is available to be collected from our in game shop.
In regards to Tapjoy there are a lot of players that have been shafted ( ripped off / conned ) by some of the offers put forward by tapjoy that they do not follow through on and in some cases do not give the reward(s) they have offered in the first place the player has agreed to take in exchange for the item originally offered this needs to be looked at and if anyone reading this has also been ripped off / conned by tapjoy then i higly recommend that you contact ludia support as soon as possible with any and all relevant information about the offer put forward by tapjoy but did not receive even after jumping through all the hoops ( steps, games, etc ) to get the reward they originally offered to you !


Nailed it.

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I think that orange “Special Offer” icon that constantly keeps coming back is only affecting VIP users. As a result, I have just cancelled my VIP subscription.

no those stupid offer pop up for me and cover my free incubator time and i’m not vip.

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And the Owen warning and VIP advertisement as well. I usually spin drops and dart on a bus. These things always pop up which make me miss the dinos and drops.


@Dennis_Lo and if you’re lucky to get both at the same time your game is locked up and you have to relaunch.


The orange circle goes away after visiting the store tab. Is this not the case for everyone else?

They don’t show up at the same time. But mostly when I am about to spin a drop, one of them pops up and after I click it away, the drop has passed.

This is the most frustrating thing that happens to me constantly. I’d consider buying vip if I never had to see Owen again.