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Like Tinder but for alliances


Mid levelish-4100 to 4500 trophies depending on my luck and if I’ve had enough coffee-player seeking an alliance with LITERALLY ANYONE I AM A DESPERATE SAD SACK oops! My hands got away from me. I’m not a sad sack but I don’t have requirements for an alliance. I’d love a blend of players so some of us can learn, some can teach, some can be cheerleaders, some can pedantically correct any grammar or factual errors in our messages…
I like to mess around with my team, I get bored playing the same dinos over and over. (Graphic pics below of my current line up and stable of beauties :wink:) I cant hunt at night very often (shout out to the single parents leashed to their houses and a second louder shout out to the scent capsules that make it possible to still play while I’m hiding in the bathroom from my kids) but I do hunt daily, hit every strike tower and I’m stoked for missions.
So yeah! If you want to team up I’d love to team up too!

Those “Hell No” moments

I’m nowhere near your level in any way shape or form – the highest level for my dino is 18, my personal stage is 13 (just got it last night), and I ain’t got half of the legendaries that I want/need…

But I’ll be willing to help in an alliance in whatever way I can - I’m supportive, friendly, and can be up for practice/friendly battles. Not to mention how I can just talk to you about battle strategies, even though I’m not an expert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… hmmmmm…

Is it just me, or did that sound like a sort of job interview? Ew, that was super cringy :persevere::disappointed_relieved:


We’re out here hustlin’

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Please feel free to message me. I am forming (already have many members, we will be a good sized alliance from the start) if you’re interested in our alliance. Majority are 4000-5000 trophies and up!


Can we be dino besties??

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Is this the discord alliance?

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Yup … @TyrannosaurusLex and I are recruiting for the same one

Once we get more details in the morning, DM either one of us


I’ll happily slide into your DMs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bahaha :joy:
I have a feeling you’d fit in just fine :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

I hope we get more details with the morning update

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Im 6700 will probably be starting my own alliance. Lmk if u want to join


Here is my team. I am at 3300 trophies. I complete all the strike towers but struggle with a few of the weekend epic ones. Don’t have the most time to go out and hunt, but I do play daily. Would love to join an alliance!

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Feel free to dm me if interested in joining an already decent sized alliance!


Slide on in! Looking for active members!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha this sounds like an alliance that suits me, not super competitive though but still like a good dino battle now n then, n will try to be a good team member esp with dna sharing/contribution :wink:
n truth be told am getting sick of playing solo in this game.:/:persevere:

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I’d be interested in joining. I play everyday and am at 4500 trophies



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Send me a private message for sure!!


Message sent :+1:


lol look at @TyrannosaurusLex and @Hersh out here recruiting!! Love it!! Go guys!!! :grin::grin::heart:


Hubby and I will be looking for an alliance. I’m at roughly 4700 and he’s at 3700.