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"LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!" notification keeps coming back

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Bug Description: Every time I tap on the notification to make it go away, the little red “1” stays there and the notification comes back a couple minutes later

Area is was found in: main game interface

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Click on the mail icon
Step 2 - Tap on the notification itself
(add more if needed) I have tried closing the app, clearing cache, restarting the app, and restarting the device. Nothing works.

How often does it happen: Constantly since this morning.

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy S9

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Same here. Also using a Galaxy S9.


Galaxy S8+.

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Same galaxy s10

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Same here, iPhone 8 Plus.

They really wanna be sure that we know it.

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Same here …

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I mean it doesn’t even work when you tap it, which is why the notification comes back as it hasn’t registered you tapping it.




It doesn’t even take you to Facebook. I don’t have Facebook so shut up! I’m not liking you for the sake of it!

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I get the same repetition with the Tapjoy notifications.


Tapjoy can shut up aswell.


liking the page tho will show you all the community posts. they give out free HC.

You don’t have to like the page to get those. I get the HC and have never liked the facebook page.

i’m so forgetful, i wouldn’t remember to check the page to get them. :sweat_smile:
so i like the page so i don’t miss them as much when i scroll through my feed.

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So annoying. I just want to get rid of the message.

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I think the free HC counts as a download when it takes you to play store to open the app.

I have little doubt there’s some type of shenanigans going on with it.

I refuse to play that game. Free HC or not.

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iOS XR same issue

same here. maybe they really need us to do that like huahuahua! :joy:

So, this issue has been going on for TWO days now! Any timeline on a fix? When that notification works properly it’s usually only there for one day.

Same here with the notification bug. Another issue I am having is when my free incubator becomes available. It doesn’t let me click on it and has an odd time like 4:44. :thinking: If it comes up again, I’ll be sure to post a screenshot.

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