Likes and a Disappointment


Ok. So I like the event drops randomly thrown all over. I’m sure a lot of players are liking this.

I like the added beating 10 dinos and getting an incubator once a day. That actually got me playing pvp again. Even with a 5 game loosing streak today, I at least felt like I got something for it. BUT after I got that incubator, I didn’t go on to fill my slots.

I like the new added dinos to go after.

My Utasinoraptor thanks you for the extra umph on its damage.

The big disappointment for me was no dino migration. I live in local 1 and drive 5 miles to work in local 1. I went on an overnight business trip to the Detroit, Mi area and guess what? The motel I stayed in was in a local 1 zone. I can’t win. I have Lythronax’s coming out of my ears.

Since I didn’t have to drive for once, I got to play in the car from Chicago to Detroit. When the GPS didn’t have me stuck on the freeway several miles back, I now understand about the complaint of the “I am a Passanger” popping up every 1-2 minutes. Occasionally that GPS sticking would work in my favor because I could look around and find something good.

I was disappointed of the lack of drops on the freeways. Luckily my GPS would have me wander just far enough off the freeway to pick drops on those side roads along with an occasional drops on some bridges. The VIP 200 meter distance was a good help grabbing dinos off in subdivisions. The unfortunate thing is when the driver is going 80 + mph, I was going too fast for things to load to which the sticking GPS was somewhat helpful. My GPS would stick for a minute and pop me up and stick again so I would wait for the drops and dinos to load, look around, grab something if it was good or just wait for the GPS to pop me ahead again. I still had to kill and reload the game often because the GPS just won’t un-stick because of a hung process when loading things.

Anyway, still hoping for a migration but taking advantage of the event drop outside.


I want a migration every season. I want to have a chance at dinos that are almost never seen in my area that others say they have an abundance of and I’ll happily share mine. How excited would everyone be to find that ellusive dino outside their house one day. Then again at work! :grin:


They have announced that there will be a migration.Right now some people claim that a migration happened hours ago.We have to check it out.


I saw my first Brachy in the wild this morning so i think the migration is in effect


I’m moving a few miles away: I currently live on an L1/L3 divide, heading for an L4. I’m delighted by the idea of local paras and giraffatitans since they’re my 2 favorites…but since we’re moving in a week, I’m worried those dinos won’t be local to that area by the time we get there. sigh


Same dino in the same spots. If a migration happened, then my local zone definitely went back to the exact same dino it was under the last migration haha. Until I see a post on meta hub in regards to a migration, I believe nothing. One dino spotted that you’ve never seen before definitely does not mean a migration.