Limbo, Grim, and Chaos not added to JWA yet?

Limbo, Chaos, and Grim could be Legendary Creatures

No thank you. They will legit be recolored barys. I get that you want them because they’re canon but at this point are we going to add every creature Universal gives a name to?

Edit: not confirmed but I believe Chaos is the JW canon baryonyx


True, but if they cannot be Legendaries, they could be Epics just like Bumpy. But if that doesn’t work they could be skins for the Baryonyx, just saying.

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It’s somewhat the same

Its not the FK one, because… kids… but It’s the same skin


I’d rather them be added as skins instead of actual creatures. 5 Baryonyx in the game is way too much, seeing as we already have 5 Velociraptor.


Do Hybrids count?

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They could be added as skins