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Limit all swap in moves. Once each per battle?

Should every creature only be allowed to use it’s swap in move once each battle. It’s a 3 on 3 battle how many times does the same creature need to be swapped in? It’s all about timing and strategy. Every creature with a swap in would be affected. No spamming of any one creature with swap in abilities. Balanced and fair

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Rat is annoying. The ceRATopsians are annoying. Is Stygidaryx annoying? Is Dimo annoying? Is Majun annoying? Is Orion annoying? Is Thylacotator annoying?

Why nerf all swap in moves, when only a small amount of dinos abuse theirs?


This needs to be posted on every swap game mechanic nerfing post.

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I use Thylacotator on my team. Have I ever needed to swap him in more than once in a single battle? No, this would cause more harm than good. I am not saying only one swap in move per battle. I am saying swapping in the same creature more than once

Im ok with nerfing all the swap in moves to a one per dino per battle.

Before swap ins were a thing… swapping was a huge risk/reward system with it usually being more risk and less rewards… but swap ins circumvent the system. Even using them once per battle… are already extremely powerful…

If individual dinos need move or stat adjustments because of this change. Then fine. But it would make swaps ins… even the lack luster ones feel more powerful… and they are.

I you restrict one move, you should also restrict every other moves.

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Why must the transgressions of one insufferable dinosaur dictate the nature of all the other dinos? I know this is another covert rat post. Yes I get the ceratopsians are annoying now with their fairy prancing stun move. However, just because one insufferable dinosaur abuses it does not mean all others must have the sword of Damocles dropped on them.


I mean if you can’t think of a good explanation as to why all sias other than the rats should be nerfed, I take it as you’ve been curb stomped by Stygidaryx

Except rat, which is getting nerfed, swap in moves aren’t easy winning shots. Ceratopsians can win you match if opponent dino is on really low health. All other moves mostly require tactics.

Cause of RNG team selection limiting swap in moves only on one use per match could only break arena even more. More players could quit battling in arena as they would get even more matches without any chances to win. Teams would have even less variety of creatures.

Never encountered Stygidaryx

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Wasn’t talking about you. I was agreeing with you my friend

Oh my bad. Did not know

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I don’t think this is an acceptable solution. I use a kit of dinos that have swap in effects. Thyla, smiloceph and smionemys and procera (no boosts. it doesn’t need them to keep up) Tho i don’t swap them in more than once all the time, sometimes using their effects more than once can turn the tide of a battle. example: smiloceph into smilonemys and vice versa actually helped turn the tide in a match. (i’m sorry to whoever had to deal with the constant stun and evasive chance.) I’ve swapped in thyla more than once to tank a big hit and make them afraid of a 90% crit rending takedown. procera… for me its swap in hasn’t been used more than once a battle, but it doesn’t mean someone hasn’t or doesn’t use it that way.
There are other effects that can turn the tide of battle, but sometimes they are needed more than once. example stygidaryx.
we need a way to stop DC (and possibly the ceratopians) from their spamming. whether that is remove regen, or rework cleansing abilities in general so they don’t clear lock down. (this shouldn’t effect too many creatures that badly other than stygidaryx, and for that, she well need a rework.)

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@Erlikdom only saw Stygidaryx once and it died soon after

I don’t know anything about the kit of stygidaryx. If someone could explain how it works and how this would effect it instead of trash talking. That would be welcomed

I had an encounter with it last battle and it died in the jaws of Thor

It’s meant to swap in to take a hit with swap in invincability. Then swap out again with cleansing swoop. It doesnt have much damage so its main damage comes from one of its two swoops, weather it be cleansing or lethal. However it can slow with ss and stall a turn with instant incincability as well, but most dont use her for those.

I feel like, instead of nerfing SIAs they introduce a new way to counter them. Like a new passive ability that negates the ability of said SIA. For example, a Dinosaur with the passive ability wouldn’t get it’s DMG reduced when an enemy swaps-in with distraction. I don’t know, I’m just throwing ideas out there, not everything needs to be nerfed…


Immune to swap in moves is actually a cool idea

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Orion is annoying it does abuse it as well since it can go in and just reck swap and dodge I’ve had done and with a rat it becomes a nightmare