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Limit boost per arena

Dear Ludia

With the boost reset coming and with a lot of people having unlocked all Apex Dinos I think it is better to limit the number of boost available per arena (more like the hard limits we have in the raids)

Because God forbid one gets matched up against a fully boosted Mortem or Ceramagnus the Library​:face_vomiting:!!! Or finding an apex wielding dropper in the lower arena :cold_sweat:

I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but I think a solution of similar making can be found otherwise if one doesn’t have an apex
now :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: they might never be able to play in the arena.🥲


I never thought about “limiting boosts per arena” but it actually sounds cool, it could be a nice improvement for the game


It is a good thing in general. I have enough of facing 140 speed boosted rexes and metrodons

I already like this idea, only read the title, didn’t have to read your post

I can see the merit in this idea, primarily because it may stop droppers from wreaking havoc in the lower arenas.

However, legitimate hardcore players, and whales will suffer, and for this reason I’m gonna say no it’s not ideal.

I honestly think that once a player moves up an arena that should be it. No way for them to drop back down again. Simple, effective and dropper issue done and dusted.

The reason Ludia don’t do this is because I think they know that even less players would play pvp if they had to play at the level they really are. Not to mention the fact that Ludia themselves drop so many players every month so it would be kinda hypocritical I guess.

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Limiting levels and boosts per arena would probably reduce diversity as you would not be able to run a team of epic creatures in aviary for instance.

Welcome to new meta! :pray:

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I support this idea. A lot of players are dropping trophies on purpose to fight against unprepared players.