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Limit Creatures to 3 Battles Per Day

Or maybe just 2 battles per day. Then you will see more variety. Heck, it may increase cash to Ludia to level up creatures 9 through 16.

Any downside?

None, for the cheaters with fantastic teams.

Yeah a downside to all of the folks that cannot run teams 15-20 dinos deep at level. Right now we see so many complaints about folks facing dinos they feel are too strong for their placement. This would make that much worse in general. Besides that, I do not see forced diversity as any fun for much of anyone in this case.

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Our teams should contain a few common, rare, Epic, legends and unique.

A whole team of only uniques are boring.

Maby a good idé for a NEW arena?

I don’t see why we can’t have 10 more arenas with different aspects.


Sure. Certain themed arenas of have been discussed here and are a more sensible plan depending on how well it is implemented.

Boring for who though? Do you run a full team of uniques?

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Totally depends on the team, but this will make things more difficult i suggest

not 2 battles per day. that makes no sense. maybe a 2 battle cool down but it still wouldn’t work with this matchmaking system in place. just make other dinos more relevant.


Hmmm… No.
If you don’t like playing uniques, just run other dinos. No one is forcing you to play them, so don’t force anyone to not play them…

If I do 100 battles that means I should play 100 dinos? That sounds ridiculous and time wasting…

If I want to play with my team I work hard to get, why someone would prevent me doing so?


I would love separate arena battles or a separate tournament for non-hybrids only :grinning:

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JW:TG is a slog. Every time you battle, that creature goes on cool down, and you have to pay in game cash to use it again. The higher tier the creature, the more you pay. I don’t think so. We are being nickel and dimed enough as it is. Respectfully disagree with the suggestion.


This is the ONE THING I hated about JWTG.

No, no.



Funny suggestion

Well that´s a good idea an arenas to not use legendaries and uniques only epics rare and normal

Yeah this wouldnt work. What about people who do like 30 battles a day? You really expect someone in the top 500 to start battling with their commons? Not to mention how obnoxious it would be to have to swap out your used up dinos every 2 battles.

Just make starting teams 12 slots. Easy solution.