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Limit on boosts

I had to go against this today.
Boosted to oblivion and it one hit all my dinos essentially.
I don’t mind boosts but I feel like this is excessive.


In my opinion every rarity should have it’s own boosts limit. What I mean:
Apex: max 20 boosts for 1 stat
Unique and Legendary: max 15 boosts for 1 stat
Epic, Rare and Common: max 10 boosts for 1 stat


That still doesn’t fix OP’s problem. Thor is a unique. And for some reason that Thor is in the Ruins arena.


But without boosts she is weak af

Im not saying there shouldn’t be any boosts, just that there should be a limit for each stat you could boost

But give minor nerf to sarcorixis and woolly rhino

Without boosts yeah. But a T15 attack Thor in Ruins would still eat up everything there. The actual problem is that there are heaps of droppers in areas where they shouldn’t be. I’m more for stopping them from dropping more than 1 arena or maybe 2.

Why woolly rhino is fine Sarcorixis yes but woolly rhino?

It’s the swap in attack combined with its ridiculous damage makes it really good.

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Yes that is ture but you don’t need to nerf it keep it the way it is

No. It definitely does. It dominates the tournament. It’s not needing a butcher, but a small shave to that swap in would be a good nerf.

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At least the Thor isn’t nitro… but that is not fair matchmaking for the ruins.

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