Limit reached

Bug Description: game is telling me I’ve reached limits on items that I haven’t.

Area is was found in: map while opening supply drops

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open supply drop. Sometimes it says it, sometimes it doesn’t.

How often does it happen: often. Most of the time when I open supply drops

What type of device are you using: Samsung galaxy s10

Anything else? It has been happening basically since sanctuaries were introduced so obviously I’ve completely closed and reopened the game since then. I believe it blocks me from getting more of these items so that’s annoying. I can go to 1 supply drop and it’ll work fine and then the next one will do this. It says limit reached more often than it doesn’t.



I am getting the same thing I can’t even finish the daily achievement because of the restrictive limits :angry:

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These limits aren’t meant to work the way you appear to think they should work. These are daily limits of items provided by the drops. It’s not saying you can’t hold any more, it’s saying that it won’t provide anymore of these items.


Hey Harmony323, you could also see when your daily limit resets by tapping on the “i” icon on the top right corner.

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Oh okay thank you for clarifying. Only 4 a day is a little ridiculous :woman_shrugging: I maxed out by like 9am…

You get 4 a day in normal supply drops and 2 a day in green event drops too.


Okay, maybe that’s why I was getting confused that sometimes after it said I reached my max I was still getting more. Thank you!