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Limit trophy droppers


So some people complain about those who purposefully drop in arena and then face those who are ill equipped to face high level dinosaurs. As a possible solution, I would like to recommend a time out feature where if individuals lose a certain number of battles in a row (lets say 5 for sake of argument), then such individual is temporarily suspended from the arena lets say an hour. After resuming, if you continue to lose another 5 in a row, another longer suspension eventually accumulating to a 24 hour suspension. That way not only are droppers suspended, it helps relieve frustration from those who are not intentionally doing it by giving them a break and gives the unfortunate opponent not able to compete a overlevel team a better chance to fight in a fair arena.

Just a suggestion and yes I know it may not be recieved well, but I think its fair.


What about those people who don’t intentionally lose 5 in a row? I have gone on 10 and 12 battle losing streaks just trying to fill an incubator. I hate to think I have to wait another hour after losing 5 when I am just trying to fill incubator spots. I get the idea and I don’t like trophy droppers either, but this would also punish people who are just on a bad RNG run.

And I know you addressed this here and people probably should take a break when they are losing so much. But if I have only my lunch break to battle and fill incs, I do as much as I can to get me through the rest of the day. I also don’t like games telling me how to play :wink:


How about having them face a bot with all level 1 dinos with the lowest possible damage. :slight_smile: That’ll kick the losing streak (intentional or not) and if they still lose you can just repeat and it’ll take hours for them to keep dropping and be absolutely horrible to watch repeated pinning strikes for 50 damage versus their lowest dinos who are forced to attack and probably win by default.


The system needs much more leeway than 5 loses. I’d say 500-700 trophies. If you lose more than that, you are deliberately dropping and should be punished for doing so.


I only said 5 for illustration and looking back it does sound bad to have it there.

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Oh my god, I would be TOAST! I often lose more than 10 in a row easily!

Can you imagine being in a losing streak RAGING AS HELL, then the game suspends you on top of that?! Well, there goes a phone on the wall :joy::joy::joy:


Why should someone get punished for a feature, which is in the game? Myself for example, Lvl 20, have a lvl 25 thor, my indoraptor is also on lvl 25, lvl 24 tryo, got my utarinex, my dioraja, and so on…
I am currently in arena 2 with an team of dinos in a lvl range my opponents have.
From time to time I just forget to swap my team back, after fighting a strike tower, so my opponent sees himself against a bunch of highlvl uniques. But in this case I let my opponent win, because I don’t feel good to know, I have beaten him without letting him a chance…


A couple of weeks ago, I dropped 500 trophies, from 5.2k to 4.7k, just trying to fill my incubator slots, so a ban after 5 losses sounds absurd… Half the player base would be banned without reason… A solution definitely needs to found to deter droppers, but what you’re proposing is not it…


Don’t think any ban is good limit for droppers. This would more likely punish alliances. Even now battle requirements are tough to make as requirements are absurd. You solution would make it impossible to achieve it.

Also many players lose more than 5 battles just trying to win an incubator. Lost yesterday 7 in a row just trying to get useless 15 minutes incubator.


How about a compromise? If you have lost more than 5 in a row (the number is arbitrary), and are about to drop out of your current arena, then you stop getting a penalty for losing until your next win.

This way it doesn’t penalize those of us just having a string of bad luck.

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I’ve been playing strictly level 10 dinos in arena 3 for incubators and daily battle incubators and faced a team of level 15 and 16 dino’s of a higher level player. I thought I was keeping myself too low to run into this but I did.

It didn’t matter. In arena 3 if you lose 2 in a row you get a team of easy bots.


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What you need to address isn’t the solution but the reason they are doing it! If it is just to beat up lower players than there is no punishment other than banning that will work!

If it is to get the lower level DNA than the solution is simple. Whatever your highest level arena you have achieved is the DNA you will always get no matter where you drop to.

If the reason is the Alliance rush that is difficult to address and would require retooling of the alliance rush.

Instead of basing it on losses and trophies lost to determine if someone is arena dropping they need to base it not on trophies lost or battles lost but sudden arena dropping!

If a player drops from aviary to badlands in a matter of an hour they are definitely arena dropping and that would be detected!

Remember everyone that responded here that they lost 10 in a row I am certain after that you won 5 in a row and climbed back somewhat. That is the sign of a legitimate player!

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Here’s an idea: Instead of getting angry at people that intentionally drop, get mad and demand a fix for the players forced to arena drop every single “season”.

If they made the competition opt in, we wouldn’t have trophy resets and top ten players mixed in with most everyone else.


Is the problem really “Arena droppers”, though? The problem that I hear people complaining about is high level dinos smashing low-level dinos (which is enabled through the mechanism which matches teams up based on trophy count).

If that is truly the problem, then the solution is not to stop ‘arena dropping’, but rather to improve the match-making system and potentially re-work the trophy system. If the match-making paired you up with someone based on some kind of ‘squad power’ rating (based on levels of dinos, or some kind of other calculation), this would prevent any kind of mis-matches, and force you to use appropriately-leveled dinos.

People who drop down and use ‘appropriate’ dinos are not the issue. the mis-match is. Correct the problem.


I don’t get the issue. I do this all the time. Otherwise I would just be using the same dinosaurs over and over again. If you catch me on the way DOWN it’s a free win. I will always compete and I will adjust my team on the way down, but I don’t understand at all the complaints about this. As long as I don’t just put a match on cruise, why do you care? I have to lose to SOMEBODY on the way down. Why is this a big deal? I don’t get it.


I remembered the older version of arena battle is you will face a bot if you lose 2 in a row, that actually helps.

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This guy gets it.


All they have to do is keep you at a trophy count in 500 trophy increments. Example you win a match and now sit at 3002 trophies. You lose the next match but you only go down to 3,000. You cannot go lower. End of story


Great idea, except they always drop the top players at trophy reset when a new tournament starts, which is usually about 3 days after the last one ended…

We need an opt-in tournament instead of the current system.

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