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Limited amount of Ads after recent update

After the recent update the amount of ads available to watch are very limited ( 6 maximum for toothless searching and 5 for journey / training / Amber ) Before this recent update there wasn’t a limit on how many ads you could watch and re reading the patch notes there’s nothing that mentions any change to the ad system or daily limit so is this a bug or intended??

Hello Viperwings,

Buttons offering ads to speed up are only offered for actions under 2 hours. If that’s not the case, then it is possible that there is no more content for video ads. Unfortunately when this happens, you’ll have to wait for more content to be available.

However, if you have more concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at along with your support key and our team would be happy to help you.

Hi Ronald at the moment things over 2 hours can be sped up but the maximum amount of ads that can be watched are 5-6 depending on what action is being sped up. I believe the ad system is broken.

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I like this broken ad system as I can pick which dragon I can speedup.