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Limited attempts dinosaurs 🦕 🦖

The dinosaurs that have “limited attempts” to try and catch them are very hard to find! With the COVID19 happening all over the world and all ppl being confined to self isolation in their homes, it would be great if for the time being these dinosaurs were spawning in residential areas. I have found that they are mostly around businesses and not ppls homes. Ludia could you please allow them to spawn around home so we don’t have to go out?

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Better idea:Implement Gryospheres so we can get whatever creature we need in quarantine.


Gyrospheres wouldnt work unless you have at least 10 green stops within a 500 m radius of your home. Unless you are okay with Nodos and the other fluff.

Even with a 3 km square park, I cant even get 5 Elasts. Cant imagine a housing estate with a quarter the green supply drops of a park.


Yesterday I had 1 green supply drop…today it’s gone. :slightly_frowning_face: The nearest one is blocks away from me, quarantined to our houses I am unable to go out walking around, and it’s quite the walk anyhow. What happened to the one that was here this morning Ludia? I would like to be able to catch a few of the limited attempt dinosaurs :sauropod::t_rex:please.:grin:


Each day when the crossover happens, drops can and do change.

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Wish it didn’t happen that way. I have at least 11 (sometimes more when the range moves) of the regular supply drops available, which is a lot (I don’t mind) but I hit the limits so fast, almost 8-10 hours before they reset, having maybe a better ratio of green:regular would be helpful in balancing it out having access to all events.

Thankyou Colin :slight_smile:

My pleasure.

I keep hoping a green event drop or the epic strike towers will shuffle into my little five-drop area, but no such luck… I lost my only green drop when the common event dinos ended for the week, and the nearest rare one is just over 300m away…

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I’ve got an event stop and a sanctuary on my house, so that’s nice. :smirk:

So today I actually had to go out & get a few things…while I was out I saw Epic Creatures with limited attempts out of 9. I didn’t even know it was going on, as I don’t have any GREEN SUPPLY drops near my house. I almost missed it completely :confused: I love this game but it’s a little unfair when some areas have tons of green supply drops & some have none. Please fix the ratio…reg supply drops : green supply drops

on easter i found 6 paramolochs and 2 tednorexes

Please please trade some of my orange supply drops to the green ones so I can catch the limited time dinosaurs :t_rex:. I had a ton of green when it was the common Dino’s…then it updated to the rare and all the green supply drops were taken away :frowning: