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Limited attempts dinosaurs 🦕 🦖

The dinosaurs that have “limited attempts” to try and catch them are very hard to find! With the COVID19 happening all over the world and all ppl being confined to self isolation in their homes, it would be great if for the time being these dinosaurs were spawning in residential areas. I have found that they are mostly around businesses and not ppls homes. Ludia could you please allow them to spawn around home so we don’t have to go out?

Better idea:Implement Gryospheres so we can get whatever creature we need in quarantine.

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Gyrospheres wouldnt work unless you have at least 10 green stops within a 500 m radius of your home. Unless you are okay with Nodos and the other fluff.

Even with a 3 km square park, I cant even get 5 Elasts. Cant imagine a housing estate with a quarter the green supply drops of a park.