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“Limited Edition” decoration packs

Hey, so I noticed from a few of your guys’ parks a couple of decorations such as the Jurassic Park Gates and Jurassic Park T. Rex that came as an event pack.

Does anyone happen to know when these were last in rotation and if there’s a chance they would make a return? They are items I’d love to add to my park for nostalgia as I missed out on them at the time!

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Don’t worry you’ll accumulate more than you need over time.

You’re going to get 1 for Easter and 1 for Halloween for sure. Complete in the World Boss events and you’ll collect boss statues. Don’t remember when the Jurassic gate rolls around buttt just consistent play the game all you’ll end up with a ton of them.

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This past early summer.

I suspect they will return next summer for the anniversary of the original movie.


Thanks for that, I did wonder as I saw the pack was for the 25th anniversary so didn’t know if they’d do them every year to celebrate it or not.

I’m very keen on collecting as many boss statues as I can because they weren’t around when I was playing before either.

The gates decorations has been given out as an event item occasionally, and then some times you can also purchase them I think.


Can’t be longer than 4 months ago. That’s when I started playing and I have the statue. Guess that’s also bad…you have to wait another 8 months :frowning:

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