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Limited Edition Dino Not Unlocked In Market

I just won a dominator league pack for the 1st time, it was the kentrosaurus. I got the dino, but it didn’t appear in the market to buy with DNA. I thought it was supposed to appear in the market after winning it in an event? Is it?

@Lethal_Snake this tournament was a bracket tournament it depends on if you were level 50 and up it was a unlock event if you were 49 and below it was not a unlock event


Ok thank you

Make sure you hatch it though as it will be needed at the end of the month for a special event.

What if I already have it maxed out do I still need to hatch him

I doubt it, that was more for the OP, since it might have been the first one they received.

That said, we really don’t know anything about this END-OF-MONTH event other than there are four events that provide entry. Did you have to finish in Dominator in the tournament to qualify or just participate in the tournament or just have a Kentrosaurus?


I am speculating here but this is my guess…

Each event will offer some sort of creature as an award, those creatures will then be requirements in the end of month battle. If you already have the creature my guess is you will be fine. I am not sure if they will have level requirements on the creatures like it must be level 1-10 so that it is a newly hatched creature or that it just needs to be level 1+ meaning any level will work.

I don’t think the game has the ability to track which specific events you have participated in for entry into another event or at what level you participated at.

So my guess is we will have a handful of battles that will require specific creatures to hopefully get some sort of pack that has a reasonable prize in it.


Okay thanks

I am glad you said it could need a level 10 as I am making 2 and was going to combine them to try to gain an edge. Unless I make 3 then I will hold back on that now. Thanks.