Limited Edition Malusaurus?

If you did not know what Malusaurus Is, Malusaurus was a fictional dinosaur (not a hybrid) that was, at one point during development, intended to be the main antagonist dinosaur of Jurassic Park IV which would eventually become Jurassic World. The Malusaurus was going to be a species of dinosaur discovered in China during the opening of the movie. It was later replaced by the hybrid species “Diabolus Rex”, which would eventually become the Indominus Rex. Anyways, I would love to see this in Jurassic World: The Game. It is possibly can be a hybrid of Acrocanthosaurus and Monolophosaurus in the game, and if that happened they unfortunately will stop the making of the Tapejalosaurus hybrid, but it will not be a problem since this dinosaur is limited edition because it is a discontinued dinosaur from the Jurassic Park franchise so the stopping of making the Tapejalosaurus hybrid will be momentarily. However, I think they will not go to this route since Malusaurus is not originally a hybrid dinosaur. So, it is more likely to be a non-hybird dinosaur in the game and the only way to get it is to get to the top of a tournament. Either way, I really just can’t stop remembering Malusaurus because I think it has a lot more potential and I really want the dinosaur to not be wasted and be added to the game.


First of all, welcome back to the forums after a 7 month break!
I think that acro would be too op with mono as there’s already a power increase. I’d say vips have 2.5 the ferocity of tournament hybrids, and to have a hybrid of that would be way too op.
Think about it, erliphosaurus is erlikosaurus plus dilophosaurus, and it’s stats are 9690 HP, 2238 DMG:

2.5 times of that is 24225 HP, plus 5595 DMG! That has better attack than Indoraptor, and more hp than pachygalosaurus!
All I’m saying is we might not be ready for a strong carnivore again, we need more amphibians.


I see where you’re going with this, and I can’t say nothing else but I agree. I really did not see this problem until you bring it up because not only I have a 7 month break on the forum, but on the game too so I forgot a lot of stuff.