Limited Offers

Has anyone else noticed that the price of limited offer goes up after each time you purchase one. Kinda makes the game feel a little like a scam. They should rethink that strategy.


We don’t know if the game is in crisis and needs more money or if it has simply decided to base its earnings on a niche that is willing to spend large amounts of money.So I don’t think they would change such a thing (like the clear fury in the subscription or other money related things [maybe not even the huge number of trophies in brawl arenas will ever change that]).

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It’s kind of been like that since the beginning. If you’re a new player the offers usually start out cheap, about a dollar or two. Then it gets higher the more you progress (or how much you spend). Personally, my offers now are around 10-20 dollars (up to 40 for really good ones).