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Limited s - hybrids

If we’re getting s dna for limited creatures these are possible additions

Geminititan = koolabourgania level 40 + diplodocus s dna
9550 health
4400 attack

Megalosuchus = gorgosuchus level + megalosaurus s dna
8570 health
4800 attack

Ardentismaxima = ardontosaurus level 40 + Brachiosaurus s dna
10500 health
4600 attack

Pterovexus = monomimus + darwinopteryx s dna
7860 health
3900 attack

Here are the stats for ardontosaurus, monomimus, argentinosaurus gen 2, koolabourgania, koolasuchus gen 2, arambourgigania, monolophosaurus gen 2 and gallimimus gen 2

Argentinosaurus gen 2
(rarity basal legendary)
1605 health
550 attack

Ardontosaurus = argentinosaurus gen 2 level 40 + Secodontosaurus level 40
4800 health
2600 attack

Koolabourgania = koolasuchus gen 2 level 40 + arambourgigania level 40
3970 health
2950 attack

Koolasuchus gen 2
(rarity basal legendary)
1570 health
580 attack

(tournament legendary)
2950 health
1070 attack

Monomimus = monolophosaurus gen 2 + gallimimus gen 2
(rarity basal legendary)
3600 health
2100 attack

Monolophosaurus gen 2
(rarity basal legendary)
1470 health
590 attack

Gallimimus gen 2
(rarity super rare)
930 health
275 attack

Edit : monolophosaurus gen 2 could also happen to become monolometrodon


They told you stop making those threads


I did. Plus this is my only thread today

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It’s okay to make Threads but not too many at a time. For example, myself, @Cave_Johnson and @OstaposaurusBae only voiced our opinion the other day since there were too many Threads being made by the OP at the same time.

@Altithorax_Perotorum is doing a great job with so many wonderful suggestions though.


Thanks. Besides i will only do one thread per day

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What does OP mean?

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In this case, original poster. In other context, it could be overpowered

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can you please stop slamming these threads?

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For the last time this is my only suggestion today

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Ok. Here are the problems. Most of the hybrids you want can’t be made. Some components are already taken. However, we could use similar ones. For example, Gem can be made with Limo hybrid (cant remember name atm), Ardent with Labrinthasaurus. Pterovexus with Ophiacomimus.

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