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Limited time advice?

So, I have Tommus at level 9, part of my 100% B team. Currently working on leveling him up, since I have the level 10 requirement for his Legendary weapon. After taking my free chest and selling extra items I suddenly came across this:

Questions are this:

  1. Providing it will only leave me with about 3k gold, which is hardly even enough to upgrade any valuable item, should I buy this armor?
  2. What is the level requirement of this armor? Will I be able to use it on the level I’m in?

Not worth it to buy at least not at your level, most armors will be better then this legendary because they’ll be higher level upgrade and armors dont provide any special skills.


OK, thanks. I was wondering, since I’m F2P and I do have 2K+ Gems to restock gold just a little bit.

Have quite a few legendaries already even being F2P so I guess I could just wait to get it at some point and see if my Epic armor would be better by then by mere upgrades.

At this level the legendary armor will most likely improve your stats (legendary lvl 1 = epic lvl 5 = rare lvl 9 = common lvl 13), but it will be easier to farm epics up to lvl 8 than legendaries to lvl 4. So for the short term it can be interesting, because it is exceeded with epic lvl6, which is quite high, but for long term I’d go for epic chest armor

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Thanks, that’s very interesting and informative.

My chest armor is actually lvl 5 right now (not even close to 6, 0/30 parts) because I constantly farm FSM and it had 4 epic Tommus armor parts at a certain point so I boosted it considerably. Pretty glad to hear there’s really no need to spend those 40k right now.

Above responses are great. Another point of note is, to upgrade a legendary item to L2 will cost 7k. So first you’d have to get a second legendary item of same, then farm that much gold. And strategically there’s no way I’d personally spend 7k gold to upgrade any legendary item as that gold would be used upgrade several other pieces for other characters enabling you to farm challenges, story mode (if not done yet) and finally be stronger in PVP for brawl chests.

Economically not a good idea way at this time.

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Thanks for the reply.

I actוally have quite a few legendary items equipped on different characters, like the Hood for Namolen (which I acutally did manage to upgrade to level 2) or the weapon for Shavarith, but I get what you’re saying about armor, at the very least, since it has no abilities.

I currently have no item I’m using and can upgrade, like I said, I’m at over 40k gold (and rising every day) so paying 7K and getting a ton of XP for it is fine by me, was very glad I could do it for Namolen.

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You’re way ahead of me and who I posted the comment for. I’m also a free player, I like to challenge myself. Appreciate you point of view @Gil_Goren_Shimoni I look forward to the day where I’m like, 7k to upgrade, no problem lolol. No where near there yet haha

Look up my “Is it sustainable to farm FSM” thread if you haven’t already, from the point you’re able to clear 3 levels of any challege, you shuld farm it non-stop and you’ll get where I am soon enough, I’m really not playing this game for very long considering.

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I’ll re-read it. I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to mobile gaming and resources. I only spend resources when I feel it best suits me.

I love all the statistics for farming and return on investments, but when it comes to parting with gold, where I’m at right now, I’d rather wait until I get a quest that says “Complete 22 rooms in CHALLENGE_NAME” and you get gold or gems as a reward. 100% of the time, so far that I’ve done it, I’ve come out with a major profit. At least once I would get a heap of gold from completing the challenge and some really nice gear. Even if it costs 100-150g per entry, with the gold reward from the quest you’re in the positive. Then any gold from the challenge puts you well over.

This game for me is only played when I need to fill a chest or when I feel like trying to beat the explore mode challenge with strategy. At level 10 (wizard, cleric, fighter and rogue) I’m at the 2nd to last level of Heartcoil Deeps). I think I face the fabled explorer that went missing. Then the final level, I’m guessing is his lover? Dunno.

I’m honestly in no rush. Its DnD. I’ll just chill, take my time and enjoy what little is left before explore is done and so am I.

Thanks @Gil_Goren_Shimoni for the pleasant conversation. Appreciate it :slight_smile: