Limited time event bug?


Hello !
There is a park in my city that usually had 3 spots for daily dinos, but it has recently decreased to only one ? Plus today there was no Stygimoloch under it ! It’s the only park spot in the city and it is getting hard to find any epic dino out of it.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here ?


They’re constantly adding, removing or moving supply drops and event supply drops so you’ve been unlucky and they’ve removed two from your local park.

The event dinosaurs spawn at the green event supply drops but it’s not guranteed that they’ll be there all the time. You’ve been unlucky again and it hadn’t spawned there when you visited the park.

I hope they add the two supply drops back for you and I hope you have better luck with the event dinosaurs spawning in for you in future, especially when it’s Blue’s turn and Indoraptor’s.


Thank you for everything ! It’s a shame they’re doing that… I wish you best of luck in your dino hunts ! May Indoraptor and Blue be tamed easily


The park next to where I work had three supply drops and one was an event green one. All three just disappeared one day and haven’t come back. We’ll see if they come back after the event.