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Limiting boosts

You could limit the boosts for each one. I mean twenty is utterly ridiculous. For health there could be like 8. For speed there could be from 5-8 and for atack there could be 10. Getting an extra 3,000 health, 700 damage, and 40 speed it insane. That is just too much and needs to be limited. I don’t think it needs to be gone because it is a good idea. Ludia just took it too far.

Would you prefer something like 5-10 boosts for a level 30 creature in each stat? It would certainly keep the value of boosts relevant without making boosted creatures so strong they crush their unboosted or low boosted counterparts. And remember, boosts give a %base hp/dmg boost, so it is variable based on the creature.

yeah, that would b great

Best solution is to drop SPEED BOOST. Been nearly 5 months without playing and now I’m back, problems are basicly the same.

Each dino had a original function (tank, speedy, chomper…).Letting slow dinos outspeed the faster ones is a complete mess.


I think that’s the quickest and easiest one. I wonder if lower boost caps would make the pay to win folks more likely to accept the changes however.

rip em off the game fellas. just give people 100coin for every boost lost if they get removed as a kind of a refund

I think some kind of limit for speed boosts is a really good idea. The game is often described as Rock, Paper, Scissors but with Dinos. Boosts is kinda like having metal covered paper.
I have worked my butt off to create a few legendary speedsters and its soul destroying to see them outsped by the slowest dinos in the game turbo charged with boosts!

But it is what it is I guess. Whales pay a lot of money for the privilege, would it be fair to strip away their boosts…

Stay safe out there fellow Dino nuts


The problem is that boosts at their core allow people with limited strategic skills or intellect to brute force their way through the arena by boosting almost anything so high that their opponents are helpless. It encourages weaker players to spend money, but it also discourage stronger players…who should be the bulk of who you see at high trophy counts. Skill is both in team composition and in the battle itself, and boosts have worked hard to undermine skill in favor of “oh I’ll just boost this higher”. I think a limit (perhaps it’s hard to get a single level towards this smaller limit) that says “the maximum of a creature costs x but it isn’t so expensive your team is locked in stone” could work, but it would require another big round of ugly refunds and such. Gotta remember that these folks who buy tons of boosts pay for the rest of us to play.

the problem of boosts and which brake so hard the Game is speed boost.

having more or less attack/Life is a thing that can be dealt but speed boost broke the core Game strategy.

so what was the point of a slow Dino having deceleration abilities being faster than It should be? ludia nonsenses everywhere

I totally agree the biggest issue by far are speed boosts, since speed tiers arent built like pokemon for example (where there can be upwards of 40-60 speed differences between “fast” and “slow”), they’re built more like a rank system where the faster creatures are all 128-130 and the slower ones are all 108-112…so it’s not only possible but easy to bypass the speed tiering system and totally screw up the balance of the game at many of the PvP arena levels where it’s not assumed that everyone has endgame creatures with close to or at endgame levels of boosts

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A +1 speed boost it’s enough