Limiting number of free cash rewards to be redeemed?!


So for a while now i have been making a killing from the Offer Wall and getting ‘free cash’

Until… a couple of days ago, when I stopped being rewarded for completion. Obviously, i logged a ticket for each of these… 5 in total (and have since then completed a couple more) and then i get this from TapJoy


Reading between the lines it seems they won’t allow me to complete anymore offers! Anyone else had this happen?

I have emailed back, with all the evidence and screenshots etc they should require, so will be very interesting to see what their response is (if they respond at all!)


What email did u use because its been a week and they still owe me ober 4k cash units


I don’t think so, just seems like they think you’re not following the proper ticket protocol of waiting for a response after submitting one and are spamming them with further tickets about the same issue (some people do this).

I shouldn’t worry about it, if you’ve sent them 5 tickets for 5 separate issues then that should be OK.

I’d be very surprised if they ban you from anymore offers once they review them all.


Nah it was 5 different tickets, for 5 different offers and i made sure to wait the 36hr period before doing so too!


just the in game support function


Thank u. Ive tried that one and not getting any response :frowning: its ridiculous how they can do this.


Ludia tapjoy requeated u grant this 2 days ago please hurry i need it to purchase the weekly incubator and the offer wnds in less than 2 hours


Lol Tapjoy doesn’t pay you for 5 different offers and then wonder why you’re sending in 5 tickets. Smh.

I don’t think there is any limit. Their policies are designed to avoid paying out offers.