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Limits of the game?

@Ned or @Keith or any other Ludia affiliate I am curious if there is a capacity limit to the game? Meaning for park management the number of paddocks and decorations. I have recently added a substantial amount of decorations and a few more paddocks now that the Gen2 creatures have come out along with the additional Super Hybrid, since doing so my game crashes when ever I move a few decorations around and or seem to play PvP for a bit of time, it seems the game can’t handle what ever is going on in the background and disconnects from the server. It happened about 15 times this morning when I was trying to place and move 7 new clock towers after moving two decorations the game would crash, I would come back into the game and one of the decorations would be moved and I would start over only for it to crash again after moving one or two decorations.

The game has not given me the warning of you have reached the maximum amount of buildings or paddocks like it did before the second island was added. However it seems to be strained to handle the the amount I currently have out. Today was the first time it frustrated me to the point of not wanting to play the game, I am going to see if selling a bunch of decorations and storing a bunch of Creatures will help but just curious if this is a known issue.

I have verified I have plenty of storage on my device ~20GB of space, restarted my device to insure cleared memory, and verified my internet is working great (on two different networks I have run into this problem and both networks were working great for everything else internet related). Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.


I too have a stupid level of decorations. I will get game crashes when moving or storing decorations.

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I have most of my park filled, because I made my park look more like “real” park would, and it crashes my game a lot. When I didn’t have so much and it was set up for max coin production it didn’t crash like that. Honestly I think it’s the tiny moving dinosaurs all using models and skins and needing rendered