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I’ve been trying to upgrade my raptors, but not many spon around where I’m at. So when they did finally start spooning around me I take advantage of it. So I’m trying to get more DNA for Blue (there’s like 4 around me right now) & I find out that there’s a limit on each Dinosaur. Why is that

Most likely for those who live in high populated areas. So they don’t get too many chances. If that where the case, more people would be walking around with lvl 20+ blue, pyrorapter (and hybrid).

We may not like it, especially for Epic rarity dinosaurs but it’s there for a reason.

I think you are referring to the dinos under the green drops? If so, they are special weekly event dinos and you only get limited shots at each one. Otherwise we would just be able to get and level these dinos and their hybrids way too quickly and wouldn’t spend money on incubators and lose interest in the game too fast. I don’t believe there are limits on darting dinos in cities or other highly populated areas.

please take a screenshot, this sounds adorable.


Also the limits are not per dino, they are for all of the event dinos combined. This week it’s pyroraptor and Blue. So you could dart them 3 and 3, or 4 and 2, or 5 and 1, etc. But it’s 6 attempts total, not per dino. I made that mistake on my first weekly event ever and darted a useless epic five times instead of the ones I actually wanted.