Line-up Help Please!

Hi everyone! I’m new to the forums and decided to ask for advice. I’m level 77 and have been stuck at around the same ferocity for a long while now. I know there’s little use in stockpiling DNA but I don’t know what to spend it on. If anyone has any advice for me that’s greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Once again, thanks to everyone!


U need a lot more amphibians. Try for diplosuchus. Also, feel free to level up your herbivores


Completely depends on your goals and how long you plan on playing the game for. Everything is a good investment long term from a collector standpoint. The Super Hybrids are a great goal as they unlock another resource to be used (SDNA) to increase your creatures bench which allows regular DNA to be used for other creatures.


For mine humble opinion i think you need super hybrids period.They become game changer for me even i still much lower ferocity level than you.
I would get diplosuchus and dimetrocarnus because of low cool down and great all around for turneys.Level up herbivores especially stegoceratops and nodosaurus.I have 2 lvl 29 stegoceratops and making the way for monostego in future.That is the good investment in dna in my opinion.
Last one is tapejalocephalus so get one more tapejalosaurus on lvl 30 and fuse.


Try getting koolasuchus because you dont have a lot of amphibians and koolasuchus is pretty good choice

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