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Lineup changes and plans

Really didn’t know where to share this but thought I would increase some of my creatures levels now that chanyas being more generous with food, fed all my top dinos up so now my top creatures are above 10k ferocity.

Taking a break from adding more tourney hybrids for the time being while I build up my dna reserve. So this means maxing more tournament creatures in the mean time. (The long grind :sleeping: )

I’m indoraptor ready now, however I want to delay adding these purely to see how long I can go without needing to add them. I find it will also be quite fun to see the indoraptors pretty far back in my lineup when I do hatch them and to see how many levels it will take for them to rise to the top. I see everyone playing catch up with their creatures to match the indoraptors ferocity, I want to play in reverse.

The plan is to build some of the numbers with metriaphodon and segnosuchus being the favourites, however I cant always rely on glass cannons so more gorgos and pteraquetzals are on the list too, armormata while great is very pricey and I find myself not needing to use them so much in PvE. Zalmonodon is on the list but for where my current ferocity sits tapejalocephalus fits the zalm role perfectly and I have more than enough legendary pterosaurs to complete RR 10 times over currently so no rush. (I feel like I’ve missed another tourney hybrid that’s not a carnivore though :thinking: )

The carnivore tourney hybrids I will be making enough copies for a level 40 but wont be adding anymore as when I do eventually add indoraptors i will not be needing more carnivores so that will be a waste of dna I can put towards other classes instead. (Ok maybe one more allonog but he is my favourite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Sorry if this has bored you :yawning_face: feel free to add your own lineup changes and plans here if you cant find anywhere on the forum to place them.


keep showing your progress here, i’ll be happy to follow :grin:


I’ve also leveled some vips to 30 for the aquatic side also.

I’ve been very lucky with aquatic vips, some creatures I even have 12 copies of such as hainosaur, orthacanthus and henodus.


Another tournament creature maxed

Building up the numbers




Spent some bucks today hatching out certain wanted creatures, and spent more bucks and dna maxing this beauty.

Not the best I know, and I certainly dont need the pterosaurs but that’s another legendary hybrid maxed now. He sits below my level 20 pteraquetzal and above my level 30 rajastega in the lineup.

I just love his design too.


And just like that my foods all gone again :joy:

Was really excited to max this one, the stats on it are amazing.


Added these two to the lineups


Got these 2 added to the aquatics

Bananogmius back to max after losing him to allonog, he sits 4th in the lineup, and megs hybrid is very tempting but I need the reefs over the surfaces currently.


Can anyone tell me the stats of lv1 tapejalocephalus ? This is the top of my lineup.

Can i make tapejalocephalus or is the lv1 is stronger than diplosuchus lv10 ?

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its stronger than diplosuchus

I know it’s stronger than diplosuchus .
My question is if lv1 tapejalocephalus is stronger than lv10 diplosuchus.

It should be similar to a level 30 tapejalosaur in strength, your lineup can handle it basically.


Thanks , will make it then.

Added this one to the cenozoics

Still sits pretty low but he will be of great help

All i need now is mammotherium and that will be 1 of every cenozoic creature obtained. :facepunch:


Ok so I yeeted a dime to max level (minus a level or two :eyes:), such a brilliant design, hes currently the top dog being just above a 20 armormata at 37, leveled him up one more to take his attack over the 1,900 mark.

Just look at that head colouring and the sail oh my :star_struck:

Sarcho sdna has been switched over to dime again, call me crazy but there are few creatures that get used daily and with great success, those being metriaphodon, segnosuchus and dimetrocarnus, diplo while great is just far to weak late game, and again I could be making indoraptors but if you read my initial plan I’m delaying that as much as possible, anyway very near to 40k raptor sdna so il be prepared.

I want to build the numbers on the level 30 dimes because they are so helpful to me in my game right now both from a PvE and a tournament standpoint, in tournament runs I use 2 fodders and a dime 30 with pretty much a 100 percent win rate, even against amphibians hes got the health to take a hit or two and with 830 attack unless it’s an eryops or gorgosuchus it’s gone in the first go… and even in the future when they are less than helpful their sell price will be extremely helpful.


Finally took a little plunge and fused a few level 20 VIPs to level 21 and increased some of my lineup to match. After this there’s a bunch of super hybrids. I’m a little low on high life legendary Pterosaurs. My trouble is fusing my Zalmonodon to level 11 would put it in my number 1 spot by about 400 ferocity. I need to make more Zalmonodon, Segnosuchus, Gorgosuchus, and Ostaposaurus. I will likely fuse more VIPs when I have time and food.


No need to fuse zalmonodon, fuse some tapejalocephalus instead, the ferocity jump between 10 and 11 wont be much.

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I’m good where those are for right now. I was speaking about my need of high health legendary birds.

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Yeah they’re pretty limited, i use pteraquetzal and ornithoceirus for that.

Quetz would be a few hundred ferocity under zalm but higher health that could be a good option for you.

At level 11 it has 3,807 health and 641 attack so its ferocity is 5,858. I dont have zalm to compare it too but on the spreadsheet it’s a few hundred ferocity lower than what zalm would be.

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I personally think the sail and the horns are the best parts.

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