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Lineup changes and plans

Mini update to the lineup.

And below this are the level 40 vips.

Next on the horizon is adding 2 level 20 yudons.

More gorgosuchus.

More metriaphodons and segnosuchus.

Armormata over dracoceratops (sorry draco but armormata is the king of coin production and stats so she takes the throne)

Unlocking zalmonodon.

Resisting temptation to fuse for indoraptor. :fearful:


Wow, Metriaphodon has quite a jump from level 20 to level 21. Nice job!

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I was hesitant in making the jump, at 20 they are just so useful for PvE, most of the time I will use them in RR like today where I faced barely any herbivores. Have yet to use the level 21.


Why not do Indoraptor since they won’t be at the top at this point? Unless you feed them of course.


I was actually planning on doing indoraptors soon, as soon as my top creatures reach 13k ferocity, which is now where metriaphodon sits.

Really I am eager to add them to the lineup though.

Then once added I was going to showcase them here at each level rising to 10 and see where they fit in the lineup at each level, it will be interesting to see.

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At level 1 they won’t even make your list above at ~9,000 ferocity.

I know, at level 1 they will sit below my level 40 vips.

Yudon to 20 :facepunch:

Took him for a stroll.

Carnivores are looking good, working on adding those indoraptors now, slowly but surely, il take a week of adding just them at some point but I really want more gorgos :grin:


What are lvl 10 stats of Spinotasuchus?

1215 attack 2160 health according to the spreadsheet.

Got the Savannah suchoripterus maxed :grin:


Little update on the top of my lineup guys, aiming to support level 20 indoraptors now :slight_smile:

I love how helpful these indos are, so OP.

Now I’ve got segnos, metriaphodons and indos I just need something similar for an amphibian, early christmas gift perhaps ludia? :santa: :pray: :gift:


And… suffering from the ole food shortages yet again… :sob:


A man gotta have hope specially when the hope is hopeless.


probably we will get a tourney creature in christmas as the last gift

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i think i’m satisfied with amphibians…


Increased ferocity before adding enough depth, bring on the difficulty lol :facepunch: :grin: :fearful:

Both quetz and gorgo to 40 will be adding more gorgos soon :slight_smile: