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Lineup changes and plans

G2 indo incoming…

And remaxed one of my favourite g2 designs, this creature was my first ever tourney win too.

Would be nice to get some more aquatics (mainly reefs) we have 10 tournament aquatics compared with 13 tournament cenozoics, and cenos were released after aquatics too.


Since I had the extra bucks and chanya kept offering me lots of food I was impatient…

Another milestone achieved and an overabundance of carnivores incoming :grin:


How many did u buy and what level did u bring em to?


Just 2 more atm, I dont have the hatchery space, next week il hatch 3 more, il bring 2 to level 20 and leave the rest at 10.


Does anyone have a good park layout by that I mean someone who has good dinos coin producers not coin traps just a layout of the park and what decorations they put and how much like 2clocktowers at the beginning then Dino then another 2clocktowers then dino etc I’m trying to get my layout of the park to be able to produce the highest it can thanks

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2 park oasis followed by a hammond on the 3rd row will get you the best coverage.

And my main park has lots of CTs which you can obtain from the TH from time to time with dna/lp.

My layout is not the best in terms of coin production but I make enough to not need to worry about it too much.

You could probably obtain over 600 percent boostage on each paddock this way but youl be sacrificing a lot of space, that’s why I just stick to 2 layers.


Alright yea like the first one is one I have and the second pic is one I want just need more ct have about a third of first island cover with them just wanted to see like like how to layout to produce more coins

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While layout helps getting as many of your creatures to 40 will also help massively boost your coin production, especially if said creature is a tournament legendary.

Some helpful hybrids that have great coin production also include armormata, zalmonodon, pteraquetzal, metriaphodon and spinotasuchus just to name a few.


Yea unfortunately I won’t be spending much dna for a bit want to save and buy when I have like 200k going for prob more cera hybrids or scorpios rn I’m 28k I think but I am leveling up dinos from super rare and below for now due to them being less time and getting constantly also would rather sell legendary for dna or lp or bucks take too long to hatch but thanks for the advice


Maxed my favourite ceno hybrid earlier today.

And the last ceno vip needed to max evo.

And yet again back to the dreadful food situation where chanya offers me lots of useless food to coin trades and never the reverse. :roll_eyes:


Maxed up :oil_drum:

^he sits just above dilophoboa 20 and just below ostapo 40.

Put another 2 indos to 20 (1 g1 + 1 g2).

Another armormata to 30.

An extra ostapo to 30.

Not much has changed to the top of my lineup my focus has been split between aquatic and cenos aswell. Il provide a lineup update soon.

I’m kinda glad rhinoprotodon hasn’t been buffed yet I have other creatures that I want to work on.


Really wanted to record this, obviously I knew my battles would become harder after increasing my team to this level with 2 level 20 boas at top, but I didn’t expect such a noticeable increase in enemy team Ferocity.

The plan is in the next month or so to increase my top cenos even further, more boas, sending 1 to 30, maxing mammotherium and smithetoceras. The purpose of this post is to record the battles within one of the weekly unlock events to see how much Ferocity increase there has been. I want to make my battles more challenging so here we go. :facepunch: