Lineup for a semi noob

So I came back to the game after leaving for a few months (I think my last tournament before was Deino) and I’ve lost some touch with my lineup. I’m working on Tapeceph rn (almost ready to hatch the final one) and plan on pushing for either Yudon, Pachygalo or DimeC next, not sure which

Here’s my lineup, I have another Monosteg otw

I get there’s a drop at about Apato but I wanna check and see what is missing before I start pushing

Update: I just got TapeJ to 40, I’m not sure if I should fuse yet tho


I think you will need depth and more pteros and carnis at the top.

Amphibians also seem to be in lack tbh

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Do a few Modded with it and then fuse it :wink:

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