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Lineup forJw the game

How is my lineup what creatures do I need to level up


I have more creatures but are around the level 20- 30. Going to bed live in California will be back as soon as I can

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I think you should keep what you have cause the higher the level the longer the cool down and if you get better creatures then the difficulty will increase

If my eyes are correct, I see you have 2 L20 Indos and a few L10s.

The rest of your lineup has a ways to go to catch up.

What I’d do:

  • get base-legendary hybrids to L40 to compete with your L10 indos
  • L40 VIPs
  • L30 S-Hybrids (diplo at L40)
  • Tourney Hybrids at L30 (Metriaphodon at L20)

As for the rest of your roster, just get everything to L40. There’s not much point in posting those dinos because they are beyond useless even in a tournament setting.

I’d actually sell all but 1 L40 copy of every dino south of base-legendaries, then use that DNA to fund more expensive dinos to help with your usable roster. Don’t do that if your personal goals are to have every paddock full, or you want to maximize coin generation.


My go is to level up mono, diplo and the fly at max level and get the new hybrid and I saved my points for the packs

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balanced line up


So it’s balance?

Not really but if you can complete the events it’s fine.

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Yay I completely 80 percent of the events

Yes I tired to full all paddocks full and gets a more coins