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Lineup Goals [Long Story]

[It’s a bit long explanation…]

So this is my current lineup, and yeah I didn’t go beyond that level 30 T-Rex because it pretty much goes downhill from there. So I had a plan - level 40 Legendaries to match the ferocity of my top four creatures.

I initially had a plan of maxing up T-Rex, Ichthyostega, Unaysaurus and Pteranodon. T-Rex is confirmed, because I have a level 30 and 4 more in the Market. Moreover, this is my second potential level 40 T-Rex, and I got 'em all from Golden Rewards. (I think I bought just one with DNA). So there’s the carnivore. Expenditure of DNA to buy - Zero.

For amphibian, I haven’t unlocked anything else (maybe 1 or 2 Prionosuchus and Sarcosuchus or so in the market, hardly enough), and have 5 potential Ichthyostegas. So for amphibians, my mind is made up for Ichthyostega, expenditure may be 9K DNA for this.

As for herbivores, yes Unaysaurus has a hybrid and it will be useful in the long run, but right now resources are of the essence for me and also I need to save up as much as I can. Plus, I only have around 4 or 5 Unaysauruses. Then I realised, I had 2 Shunosauruses of level 10 in my park, and a whooping SIX in the market - so I’ve made up my mind for the herbivore. I shall focus on the hybrid later.

My pterosaur situation is a bit… complicated. I had two choices, maxing Pteranodon which I have unlocked but only 3 or 4 individuals of, or Scaphognathus, which is locked but I have 7 individuals (5 in the market). I’m aware that Pteranodon has the best pterosaur hybrid, but like I said, resources are of the essence. I’ll need to rely on Golden Rewards for my last Scaphognathus for this level 40 goal.

Alongside this, I do have a potential level 30 Segnosaurus and a potential level 30 Brachiosaurus, which I’ll work on later. An Indominus is hatching too and will be ready in three or four days.

Do you guys approve? I’m working on this to have my top 10 creatures have the same or similar ferocity to each other. What do you all think?

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Not Level 30 Segnosaurus! That is going to put you at loss,Segnosaurus is one of those few tournament creatures that is good even at level 20, Segnosaurus has twice the health and somewhat more attack than any Deinocheirus if at the same level!

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Got it, thanks a lot @DaWise_Weirdo . @Tommi @Timmah @Mary_Jo @Andy_wan_kenobi what do you guys think?

From my point of view you are still at a very early stage of the game.

I would bring any normal legendary to lvl 40 that I can, but I would not spend too much DNA for now.

You should not look for special creatures at the moment it is more important to have balanced classes. Try to get as many 10k VIP packages as you can and try to make as many lvl 20 VIPs as you can. They are the best basis to have success in tournaments.

One you have a deep lineup from different classes of lvl 20 VIPs and other creatures with a similar ferocity you are on a good way to move on.


You said not to spend DNA, i think i would say,spend DNA on long term investments, i am investing in creatures like Tapejalosaurus, Stegoceratops, Spinoraptor which have S Hybrids, or creatures on the basis of tournaments,like T Rex Gen 2,Segnosaurus. Alangasaurus is one of the only creatures which is for neither but coin production.

I did not say to spend no DNA, I said not to spend too much DNA.
At his stage, level 65, I would not even consider to spend DNA on creatures to make a Superhybrid.

I do not mean the creation of super hybrids,but creatures which have a super hybrid,if you say to restrict use of DNA,then the only way left is coins to Jurassic Trades, for which he has to build up the coin production. Till then his main source of satisfactory resources will become VIP Packs. As you said regarding purchasing Solid Gold Packs.

Yeah @Tommi I forgot to mention, I do have another Pterodactylus in the market. So that’s another level ~20 VIP creature in my lineup…

Man… That’s strong…


I feel so jealous lol,my favourite creatures are Presto and Pterodactylus,I only have one,while you have a level 20 of the other.

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Those lvl 20 VIPs make me jealous too lol :joy::sweat_smile:. But , you know what, you will ultimately get them


I have adopted a strategy of starting with Triceratops and progressively generating level 40s. I used the 1st chamber for everything but Legendary creatures. The other three chambers for Legendaries. It’s a slow but steady process.

As you start unlocking hybrids, start building up those levels. Level 30 Carnoraptors, Tapejalosauruses, and Spinoraptors are just underneath level 20 VIPs. Spend the DNA on multiple copies of them. Not only are they awesome for tournaments, they also will take care of business in Rarity specific events. Unlock the super-hybrids as soon as you can do so safely.

As I said, it’s a slow process. I have all of the Legendary hybrids unlocked and most of the tournament Legendary hybrids unlocked, but I have not yet gotten to leveling them up. It works for me, your mileage may vary.

Edit: this pathway is not compatible with the empty market strategy, at least not until you have all of the super-rare hybrids and lower that you want


Go with the flow. If you maxed out all those legendaries your top 6 or 7 creatures might be deep, but after that…not really. A maxed super rare right after a maxed legendary isn’t what you want. Fill in that gap then maybe start working on the legendaries.

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The maxed Postosuchus would help at the best at the bottom of Predator.

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No, I’ve seen it work wonders at top Predator… and yea @Predator_X the reason why I’m going in the reverse procedure is because now my team is Dominator-Ready so I’m making more for long-term, but yes I will fill that gap too.


Just keep in mind, one team of dinos will require a lot of buy backs to finish in Dom.

Postosuchus is a great glass cannon. It can work in Dom if the last dino due to low health.


@Timmah exactly, you took the exact words out of my mouth… er… fingers, I was unable to convey that in words XD one team takes a lot to buy back, that is why my plans here are for 3 or 4 teams at one go… @anon43877113 this is actually why I am rushing up to get these legendaries to level 40…

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