Lineup help 5 month in

Hello. Ive reached a point where im not sure which creatures to make or fuse. I recently got chromaspinus from the tournament and fused it…mistake, but it hasnt really affected my dailys. I have no issue finishing dominator. I have a lot of legendaries i need to hatch.

What should i focus on?

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Herbivores need some work.

Also, welcome to the forums !

Thanks. What do you recommend i go for? A lot of the lower hybrids are junk. Una seems like one i should go for…possibily more ankylodocus. I havent unlocked a lot of herbivore legendaries.

A lot of the hybrids i want to make…or will be able to make… are carnivores

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Unay is not a really good choice, but seeing as you don’t have much herbs unlocked I say go for it.

I’d also say yes, more Ankylodocus. Do you have any tournament herbs unlocked ?

Bruh ain’t no way this just 5 months. If somehow it is then that’s impressive

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I’d get more monostegos

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Ive had VIP since i enjoy the game. Try to play all events and stuff. Id say only the past month have i had the ability to do dominator and events over the weekend. Id say its 5.5 mo?

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Unay is really bad
Get Ankylodocus and Monostegotops instead
Also try saving up for a Segnosuchus

Oh you’re VIP ! Then I say go for every tournament herbivore you can get